Township welcomes new Ordinance Officer

Date: April 23, 2018

Serina Weaver is Ferguson Township’s new Ordinance Officer. She succeeds Lori Sowash, who retired April 13 after two years in the job. 

Weaver comes to the Township with experience in managing kitchens and providing food services, as well as working for a small start-up construction company. She is well versed in adhering to regulations, following proper procedures, and managing people’s expectations in a respectful manner. 

Before joining the Township, she served as a dietary manager for a skilled nursing facility.

Now working 30 hours a week for the Township, Weaver said she welcomes this new opportunity, where her fellow staff have been “super helpful. I enjoy coming to this positive environment each day.” She is also studying to become a certified phlebotomist. 

Reporting jointly to the Township’s Departments of Planning & Zoning and Police, she finds her personality to be a good fit with the responsibility of enforcing ordinances. “I am honest to a fault, respectful and calm,” she said, noting that no conflict has ever been resolved by allowing it to escalate. One of the ways she respects those she serves is by allowing them to have their say when they’re upset or frustrated. “I believe everyone has a say and should be heard,” she said. “I don’t believe people should be held back from saying what they need to say.” With a commitment to mutual respect, she said she neither pre-judges people nor allows herself to be intimidated by challenging situations. 

Weaver is on the road 95 percent of the time – responding to calls, monitoring places throughout the Township, and addressing situations before they become a problem.

In her first three weeks on the job, she has responded to calls about loose dogs, trash blowing into people’s yards, and kids riding their bikes through the neighbor’s yard. 

Weaver’s advice to residents who may be wondering how best to avoid an ordinance violation:

Be aware of the proper procedures to follow. Learn the Ferguson Township Code of Ordinances’ regulations on controlling your pets; minimizing noise; properly disposing of brush, leaves and grass clippings; keeping grass mowed; shoveling snow when required, and placing signs only where allowed. 

Weaver encourages residents to contact her with any ordinance question. You can email her at