Ask Faye about the top 10 questions residents ask

Date: April 21, 2018

Have a question about anything in the Township? Ask Faye, Ferguson Township's longtime receptionist who answers
your calls to the Township office. You'll find the answers to many questions on our updated Frequently Asked Questions page. We've answered one of the top 10 questions below. Let us know if you need help finding an answer to your question. You can contact us during regular business hours at (814) 238-4651 or email us.  

Faye's Top 10 Questions

1. What should I do if my trash is not collected?

2. How should I dispose of old paint and chemicals? 

Household Hazardous Waste can be managed in several ways.

First, avoid using hazardous materials if possible. Select the least toxic item and buy the minimum necessary to do the job.

If the material is still useful, check with friends and neighbors, or community groups such as the Little League, Habitat for Humanity, and others, to see if they can use the product.

If the material cannot be used, take it to the Centre County Recycling and Refuse Authority Hazardous Household Waste Collection Event. You have two days each year to dispose of hazardous household materials. The 2018 event is April 27 - 28

If you must discard the material prior to the next scheduled event, you may place in your regular trash, provided:

  • You have read the label and complied with any disposal directions.
  • Liquids have either been allowed to evaporate (if water-based) or absorbed (if non-water based) on some material such as vermiculite, cat litter, or sawdust, so that there are no freestanding liquids.
  • The remaining residue has been packaged to prevent leakage while the material is being transported to the disposal facility.
  • The material is placed out in small quantities over several collection periods.

For more information, visit the Centre County Recycling and Refuse Authority website

3. Where can I take grass clippings?

4. When is Bulk Waste Collection Week? 

5. What are Ferguson Township's office hours? 

6. When do I need a permit? 

7. What are the laws regarding licensing, leashing controlling and cleaning up after dogs?

8. During what hours are the Township's noise regulations applicable? 

9. When is Trick or Treat Night in Ferguson Township?

10. How do I register to vote and where do I vote in Ferguson Township?