Tree Commission

Date: October 15, 2018
Time: 5:30 PM

Ferguson Township Tree Commission (FTTC)
October 15, 2018
Meeting Agenda
6:00 pm

Note the change in the usual start time for this meeting, which will begin at 6 pm,
followed by a public hearing on removal and replacement of street trees

Call to Order

Thistlewood Tree Planting Discussion
Members of the Thistlewood HOA have been in contact with staff regarding the tree planting project that was planned there previously and has not yet been completed. The FTTC should discuss this project with the HOA to determine the number and species of trees to be planted so the project can move forward in 2019. The Arborist has prepared a planting plan for the area.

Approval of Minutes August 20th FTTC Meeting and September 11th Joint Work Session
The FTTC shall review and approve the minutes from the last two meetings.

Public Hearing on Tree Removal and Replacement
The FTTC shall hold its annual public hearing on removal and replacement of street trees. The trees were viewed by the FTTC in July, and replacement trees were approved by the FTTC in August.

FTTC Review of SALDO and Zoning Draft Ordinances
The FTTC has been tasked with reviewing the current drafts of the above ordinances and providing comments. The FTTC should discuss this process moving forward, including what parts of the ordinances shall be reviewed, a timeline to complete the work, etc.

Arborist's Report
The Arborist will review work activities and plan reviews since the last meeting.

Communications to Commission Members
This is an opportunity for FTTC members to report on any contact by residents regarding FTTC matters.

Future Agenda Items
Tree planting on utilities, SALDO/Zoning Ordinance Review, Tree Preservation Ordinance

The next meeting is 5:30 pm Monday November 12 in Conference Room 2.

October 15, 2018 FTTC Agenda

2018 FTTC Meeting Schedule