Tree Commission

Date: July 23, 2018
Time: 5:00 PM

Ferguson Township Tree Commission (FTTC)
July 23, 2018
Regular Meeting Agenda 
5:00 pm

This meeting of the FTTC is the Township Tree Tour


Call to Order

June 18th Meeting Minutes

The minutes from the June 18th meeting will be reviewed at the next meeting.

2018 Tree Removals Field View
The Arborist has compiled a list and flagged proposed tree removals for 2018. The FTTC shall field view these trees and make recommendations as needed.

Root Conflicts
The FTTC will have the opportunity to field view The Landings neighborhood to see several conflicts involving tree roots vs sidewalks/driveways.

Future Agenda items
Oak Wilt Update, Stonebridge Planting, 2018 Pruning Contract

Next meeting date and time: 5:30 pm August 19

July 23, 2018 FTTC Agenda

2018 FTTC Meeting Schedule