Your ideas wanted: Ferguson Township's new Zoning Update Idea Board

Date: December 22, 2017

Ferguson Township is performing a major update to both the Zoning and Subdivision and Land
Development Ordinances. To achieve this, the Township has employed the services of Environmental Planning & Design in Pittsburgh to assist with coordination through our Steering Committee and now the Planning Commission and the Board of Supervisors.

The Ordinance is not a completed document at this time.

To encourage public comments on the document before it is adopted in mid-2018, the Township is offering a Zoning Update Idea Board, an interactive map that allows users to explore the Township’s working draft of its land use designations and dimensional criteria for the community’s zoning districts.

The Idea Board truly is a place for ideas, and we welcome your thoughts.  Further, if you have thoughts about specific areas of the community, you are welcome to submit land use-oriented comments/concerns to the Township through this Idea Board. 

To share your thoughts on the zoning updates, we encourage you to view our Idea Board tutorial.

This tutorial explains how to navigate the map, use tools such as layers to customize the data shown on the map, find your property, view the Zoning Ordinance as it applies to your property, and submit comments about your location to the Township staff.

Should you need these instructions again, you'll also find links to the tutorial on the Idea Board site. 

Thanks for being an active participant in the planning of your community. We hope you enjoy exploring!

2018 Zoning Map
Updated and signed June 18, 2018