Tree Commission announces 2018 meeting schedule

Date: November 20, 2017

The Ferguson Township Tree Commission (FTTC) has announced its 2018 Meeting Schedule.

The FTTC was established by ordinance on August 18, 2014 to help Township staff maintain and care for Ferguson Township’s more than 6,000 trees, which include a variety of species, ages and sizes.

The five members of the Tree Commission are appointed to four-year staggered terms. Responsibilities of the Commission include, but are not limited to, reviewing private and public land development plans; submitting recommendations to Township staff and the Board of Supervisors for tree species, disease control, a community tree plan, annual budget, and more; conducting appeals and hearings, where appropriate; facilitating public education efforts; and more.

The Commission works closely with the Director of Public Works and the Township Arborist. For more information about the duties and responsibilities of the Tree Commission, contact the Public Works Director by email or call (814) 238-4651.

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