C-NET updates airing schedule for BOS meetings

Date: October 3, 2017

C-NET has made some slight alterations to its standard Channel 7 airing schedule effective today, October 2, and going forward. 
Below are the new airing times for the Ferguson Township Board of Supervisors' Regular Meetings:

Wednesday – 9 am
Thursday – 1 am and 8 pm
Friday – 6 am
Sunday – 3 pm

Note: When a meeting takes place outside its usual schedule, it may air the following week instead.

These meetings are available to watch online, free of charge at www.cnet1.org

Programs are posted within 72 hours and remain available online for approximately one year. DVD copies are available.

This is a general guideline for C-NET scheduling. Schedules are subject to change.

Please visit www.cnet1.org or call (814) 238-5031 for more information.

Learn more about C-NET's role in recording Ferguson Township BOS meetings

Ferguson Township archives C-NET recordings here at the website:
See our C-NET archive of 2017 BOS Meetings