Ferguson Township Stormwater Advisory Committee held first meeting

Date: September 26, 2017

The first meeting of the Ferguson Township Stormwater Advisory Committee (SAC) held its first meeting today, September 27, at the Ferguson Township Municipal Building.

The SAC was established to:

1. Provide advice and input into identifying the problems, needs, and issues within the current stormwater program.
2. Assist in establishing priorities for stormwater services in the Township.
3. Provide advice on level and extent of stormwater service, investment in the capital improvements program, approach to water quality protection services, and other key policies that will guide the stormwater management program.
4. Review policy on stormwater funding mechanisms including user fees, and explore rate methodologies, rate structures, and possible credits.
5. Make recommendations to the Board of Supervisors regarding the dedicated funding needed to address stormwater needs in Ferguson.

The day's agenda included the following:

Overview of Stormwater User Fee Feasibility Study, presented by Elizabeth Treadway, Amec Foster Wheeler Team

  •     What is a Stormwater User Fee?
  •     Role of the Committee
  •     Study Process

Overview of Current Stormwater Programs within the Township, presented by Eric Mains, Amec Foster Wheeler Team

  •     Discussion by Committee Members
  •     Meeting Committee Expectations
  •     Problems, Needs, and Issues
  •     Other Questions

Future Meeting Logistics

View Background Information and Additional Resources, including a Feasibility Study