Leaf collections will continue until winter operations begin

Date: November 9, 2017

Leaves will be collected six days a week and will continue until the snow flies in December, or until winter operations begin, as long as the weather holds above freezing.

There will be no brush collection in December, January, February and March.

Please observe these Brush and Leaf Collection Guidelines

Please keep brush, leaves and grass in front of your property

Ferguson Township Public Works is asking residents to refrain from dumping grass, brush and leaves in areas other than in front of your own property.

Public Works crews have found ornamental grasses, leaves, coal and wood ash in vacant strips of Township Right-of-Way, dips and drainage areas, such as the hill on Circleville Road, Sleepy Hollow, Princeton Drive, and Park Hills Avenue.

“Please make sure your brush and leaves stay in front of your own property — not on someone else’s property,” says Township Road Superintendent Steve McDonald.

Please also refrain from blowing grass onto the road, which increases the cost of street sweeping to residents. Ferguson Township’s Ordinance Officer monitors these violations, which could result in a fine for illegal dumping.

McDonald offers these suggestions for residents:

1. Adhere to the Township’s brush collection dates. The Township cannot honor special, individual requests. “We collect brush the first Monday of every month. Please plan accordingly,” he says. “To provide this service cost effectively, we need to maintain our collection schedule.”

2. If you are reluctant to leave brush and leaves curbside for a month, store in your backyard until the first Monday, when collection begins. Note that each round takes approximately a week to complete.

Brush left curbside on the grass will not kill it; at most, it will turn yellow, which is temporary. Keep in mind Ferguson Township does not collect grass clippings. Public Works will take your grass clippings to the State College Borough recycling and composting facility if you bring them to us.

Feel free to drop them off from dawn to dusk, seven days a week, at the municipal building, 3147 Research Drive. Look for the "Grass Drop-Off" signs.

The Township has not collected ornamental grasses since September 2015.

Residents need to make other arrangements for ornamental grasses and garden residue. For a small fee, you may transport and drop off ornamental grasses and garden waste at the Glenn O. Hawbaker Recycle Center-State College at 2145 N. Atherton St. Visit its website.

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