Ferguson Township Police Department earns recommendation for accreditation

Date: June 9, 2017

The Ferguson Township Police Department (FTPD) has been recommended for accreditation by the Pennsylvania Law Enforcement Accreditation Commission’s (PLEAC) assessing team.   

Accreditation demonstrates to the community, Township management and Police Department staff that an independent body has reviewed the department’s essential policies and practices and found they comply with currently recommended best practice standards.

Accreditation by the PLEAC requires a police department to adopt more than 100 policies that meet or exceed the Standards set by PLEAC. The most critical policy areas affected are the use of force, limits of authority, prisoner transportation, prisoner detention, and handling of evidence, along with a host of best practices for operating a municipal law enforcement agency in Pennsylvania.

During the last few years, the FTPD had successfully written and adopted all of the policies necessary to meet accreditation standards, but needed help gathering, organizing and electronically entering the proof necessary to demonstrate to PLEAC that the department is in compliance with the standards for all of the 100-plus applicable policies. Two “proofs of compliance” are necessary for each.

As of February 2017, the Department’s Accreditation Team had been able to gather and organize approximately 120 of the required 500-plus documents to prove compliance. Funding from a state grant initiative, passed through the county, provided the additional processing time and the assistance of a consultant necessary to complete the remaining tasks required for assessment. 

Ferguson Township will be the third municipal police department in Centre County to become accredited through PLEAC.  Currently about one-tenth of police agencies in the state have achieved this status. Re-accreditation occurs on a three-year schedule. Two proofs of compliance for each standard are required each year.