Photo Gallery: 2017 Ferguson Township Police Bike Rodeo

Date: June 6, 2017

Ferguson Township Police hosted the 2017 Bike Rodeo on Saturday, June 3, in the Weis Market parking lot at 1471 Martin Street. Thanks to all of our sponsors: Weis Markets, Domino's Pizza, Dairy Queen, Centre Regional Planning Agency (CRPA), Centre County Youth Service Bureau (YSB), The Bicycle Shop, and 3WZ.

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When children learn to ride a bike safely, they’re getting their first lessons in driving a car safely.

That’s why Sgt. Ryan Hendrick and his fellow officers annually host the Bike Rodeo, a community service event where children learn safe bicycling skills.

They call it a rodeo not because it involves roping cattle and riding broncos competitively, but because police provide a safe corral for kids to ride their bikes — a bike safety course set up in the extended parking lot of Weis Market. 

Orange safety cones marked the area where kids ages 4 - 12 rode alongside officers on bikes. Children participating in the bike safety course were required to wear helmets while riding.

The bike safety course is one of many features of this event, which brings bike enthusiasts throughout the Centre Region together in a festival atmosphere.

Everyone who attended was welcome to enjoy free food and drinks provided by Weis, Domino’s Pizza, and Dairy Queen.

One booth was dedicated to bike registration for bicyclists of any age. 

CRPA’s Transportation Planner Trish Meek was there to highlight the Share the Path campaign, which promotes safety on our shared use paths for bicyclists, walkers and runners.

At another booth, The Bicycle Shop checked to ensure that bikes and helmets fit riders properly and are safe to use. Police also checked child car seats for proper installation and safety.

The Youth Service Bureau was also there, providing kids' entertainment.

Kids who attend the Bike Rodeo learn the basic rules for bike safety:

First, wear a helmet. That’s the law in Pennsylvania for bicyclists and skateboarders under age 12.

Make sure your helmet and bike are safe. Materials in a helmet start to wear down after two or three years, and if it’s been dropped, it may no longer protect you. The life of a helmet is no more than five years. Inspect your gears and brakes annually. Adjust your seat properly so that your handlebars are at the same height as your seat. There should be a slight bend at the knees when you’re pedaling.

Obey all traffic laws. Stop at stop signs and obey traffic signals. Learn the proper hand signals to communicate. Yield as required.

Make sure you can be seen. When you’re passing parked cars, be aware they may be pulling out. If you’re riding in an area where a car driver may be waiting to turn on red or at a right-turn signal, that driver may not see you coming if you suddenly appear from behind cars that may be obscuring his view. Wear bright colors — ideally a reflector vest. On your bike—wear reflectors, blinking red lights during the day, a flashlight at night.

Enjoy our shared use paths. Our paths are designed to give bicyclists a safe place to ride and commute, while sharing them with walkers and runners. When paths are available, please use them and leave the roadways to the cars.

JustDrivePA provides a bicycle driver's safety test that advises kids their bike is “not a toy,” but essentially their first “car.” All traffic laws apply as though they are driving a motor vehicle.