Board of Supervisors Meeting

Date: October 17, 2016
Time: 7:00 PM

Ferguson Township
Board of Supervisors Meeting
Monday, October 17, 2016


  • Discussion of Economic Development Contribution
  • Ordinance Amending the Code of Ordinances Chapter 25 Trees
  • Resolution Establishing a Program and Process to Educate and Mitigate Oak Wilt Infestation
  • Resolution Authorizing the Township to Enter into the Memorandum of Understanding with the Centre County Housing and Land Trust
  • Presentation of Government Finance Officers Association Distinguished Budget Presentation Award
  • Third Quarter Financials
  • Appointment of Planning Commission Member
  • Consider Action to Remove Restriction Requiring Township Representation on CBICC Board of Directors
  • Approval of September 2016 Voucher Report
  • Consent Agenda

October 17, 2016 Board of Supervisors Regular Meeting Agenda


1b.1 Human Resource Committee 10 5 16
1b.ii Public Services & Environmental Committee 10 10 16
1b.iii Public Safety Committee 10 11 16
1b.iv Finance Committee 10 13 16
1b.v Parks Capital Committee 10 13 16
2a Manager Report 101716
2b Public Works Director's Report
2c PZ Directors Report 10 17 16
2d Chief of Police Report
3 Economic Development Summit Executive Summary
III 1 Tree Ordinance
IV 1 Oak Wilt Policy Resolution
IV2 CCHLT MOU Resolution
V1 2016 GFOA Budget Award
V2 Third Quarter Financialsp
V3 Application for ABC Membership
V5 Voucher Report
V6a Sept 2016 treasurers report
V6b 2015-C16 Fire Trailer Building
V6c Crossings at State College
V6d 2015-C2 Suburban Ave Pay App 2 10-12-16
V6e 2015-C2 Suburban Ave Pay App 3 Final 10-12-16
V6f Weis Gas-N-Go
V6g Contract 2015-C26
VII Supervisors Draft Minutes October 3, 2016

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