Tudek Dog Park's "Large Dog" pen reopens Friday, May 24

Date: May 20, 2019

The wait is over: Centre Region Parks and Recreation (CRPR) has announced that Tudek Dog Park's renovated large dog enclosure will reopen Friday, May 24. The "large dog" pen had been closed for maintenance work since April 23, 2018. CRPR, which manages and maintains the Tom Tudek Memorial Park and the Tudek Dog Park on behalf of Ferguson Township, needed additional time to ensure that the grass seeded well during this very wet spring.

When the renovated area reopens, the spare enclosure that had been used this past year will be closed for renovations.

Please be sure to take your dog into the correct enclosure based on size and weight, and follow all the posted rules for the dog park.

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CRPR closes the pens approximately every three years for major aeration and re-seeding, according to Jim Carpenter, CRPR’s Parks Manager.  
CRPR would also like to remind the area’s dog owners that leash laws are in place within the municipalities and in all areas of Tudek Park, including the meadows, pastures, sports fields, trails, playgrounds, pavilions, and bike paths. 

“At no time should small children, adults, or other dogs feel threatened by an off-leash dog,” said Pam Salokangas, CRPR Director.  Residents have contacted CRPR and the Ferguson Township Police Department about residents allowing their dogs to be off leash in park areas other than the dog park. “Ferguson Township Police will be monitoring the area for leash law infractions, so please be mindful to keep your dogs on leash and under control,” she said. Please report unsafe behavior.
Additionally, owners who find the "large dog" pen is not spacious enough to permit adequate exercise are reminded that your dogs can be off leash within the 62-acre Patton Woods Nature Area off Circleville Road.  Please remember to follow all hunting season rules and regulations, and remember that you need to control your dog within that recreational area as well. 
For more information, please contact CRPR at crpr@crcog.net or (814) 231-3071.