Ferguson Township Tree Commission (FTTC)

Date: March 16, 2015
Time: 5:30 PM - 6:30 PM

Ferguson Township Tree Commission (FTTC)

Date March 16, 2015

Meeting Agenda

Time 5:30pm

Call to Order

Approval of January 19, 2015 Meeting Minutes


Approval of February 17, 2015 Meeting Minutes


Review of planting plans in various parks

Each year the Board of Supervisors allocates funding for planting opportunities in Township Parks. As done in past years, CRPR staff horticulturist evaluates planting opportunities and prepares planting plans and a tree list. Staff reviews the planting plan against the park master plan for consistency. The Township purchases the trees and FTPW installs the trees under direction of the CRPR horticulturist. Staff recommends that the FTTC review, comment, and approve the 2015 tree planting plans for various parks.


Request by James Savage to allow PSU students to trim Township trees

James Savage, PSU Instructor on Arboriculture, requests Township permission to allow Horticulture 301 students to trim Township trees. Mr. Savage and his students have trimmed trees in Tudek Park and along Blue Course Drive in past years. FTTC should receive the request, provide any comments, and make a recommendation to allow or disapprove the request.

Presentation by Al Sam, State College Borough Arborist

 Al has served as the arborist for the Borough since 1989 and staffed the Borough Tree Commission since that time (26 years). The Borough has about 7000 street trees. The Township has enjoyed a good working relationship with the Borough arborist and has contracted arborist services from the Borough over the last 5 years. Al will discuss regional tree issues that face our communities, discuss forums to work together in the future, and answer any questions.


Update on Arborist position

Larry Maginnis, Arborist, accepted the position and will start work on April 1st.


Communications to Commission Members

This is an opportunity for FTTC members to report on any contact by residents regarding FTTC matters.


Review of tree removals

(nothing new to report)


Future agenda items




Next meeting date and time is Monday, April 20, 2015