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Welcome to the Ferguson Township "Frequently Asked Questions" page. Here you will find answers to the most commonly asked questions we receive in our office. If you can't find an answer here, you can contact us during our normal business hours at (814) 238-4651. You can also fill out the Contact Us form on our website.

General Questions

How do I submit a Right-to-Know request?

The Township Manager and Chief of Police are the designated Right-to-Know Officers for Ferguson Township.

Requests for non-police records may be submitted to:

David Pribulka, Township Manager
3147 Research Dr.
State College, PA 16801

Tel: (814) 238-4651
Fax: (814) 238-3454

Requests for police records may be submitted to:

Chris Albright, Chief of Police
3147 Research Dr.
State College, PA 16801

Tel: (814) 238-1172
Fax: (814) 238-3454

Download a copy of the standard Right-to-Know Request Form

View more information about submitting a Right-to-Know request

They missed my trash. What should I do?

If your trash was not collected on your regularly scheduled collection day, consider the following questions:

  • Was your trash out by 7 a.m. on your regularly scheduled collection day?
  • Was the trash placed in bags or trash cans?
  • Did each container weigh less than 40 pounds?
  • Is your account up to date?
  • Is collection following a regular schedule this week? (No holiday delays)
  • Was the container free of leaves and grass clippings?

If you answered "Yes" to all of the above questions, then it is possible that the driver made a mistake. Please contact Advanced Disposal at (814) 237-3713 by noon the next day to report the missed stop. A driver will return to the property and remove the trash generally within one business day.

How should I dispose of old paint and other chemicals?

Household Hazardous Waste (HHW) can be managed in several ways. First, by preventing its generation in the first place. Select the least toxic item and buy the minimum necessary to do the job. Second, if the HHW material is still useable, check with friends and neighbors to see if they might be able to use it. Also, check with community groups such as the Little League, Habitat for Humanity, and others to see if they can use the product. Third, if the material is not useable, it should be taken to the Centre County Recycling and Refuse Authority Hazardous Household Waste Collection Event. To see when the next event is scheduled, click here.

Lastly, if you must discard the material prior to the next scheduled event, you may discard them in your regular trash pickup, provided:

  • You have read the label and complied with any disposal directions.
  • Liquids have either been allowed to evaporate (if water-based) or absorbed (if non-water based) on some material such as vermiculite, cat litter, or sawdust, so that there are no freestanding liquids.
  • The remaining residue has been packaged to prevent leakage while the material is being transported to the disposal facility.
  • The material is placed out in small quantities over several collection periods.

For more information, visit the Centre County Recycling and Refuse Authority by clicking here.

When is Bulk Waste Collection Week?

2017 Fall Bulk Waste Collection Week will take place in October 9 - 13, 2017 on your regularly scheduled collection dayAdvanced Disposal will collect old furniture, bedding, carpeting, and tires (some restrictions apply). Advanced Disposal will also recycle your appliances, computers, and televisions.

Remember to have all items at the curb by 7 am on your regularly scheduled collection day. This service is for curbside customers only, not townhomes and apartments with dumpsters.

Visit the Bulk Waste Collection section on the Centre Region Refuse & Recycling homepage for more information.

When is Trick or Treat scheduled?

2017 Trick or Treat Night in Ferguson Township was October 31, 2017, as approved by the Centre Region Council of Governments. This is scheduled by Resolution of the Board of Supervisors each year. It generally occurs on or around Halloween. Check Latest News and/or our Events Calendar for each year's announcement.

Where do I take my invoice for having my septic tank pumped?

Invoices for having your septic tank pumped may be dropped off at the Centre Region Code Agency office on the first floor of the Centre Region Council of Governments located at 2643 Gateway Dr. State College, PA 16801. 



Where can I register to vote?

Register to vote and find out where to vote at the Centre County Courthouse in Bellefonte. Call (814) 355-6703 or visit the Elections and Voter Registration website.

What are the Township's Hours of Operation?

Ferguson Township's regular hours of operation are from 8 am to 5 pm Monday through Thursday, and 8 am to 4 pm Friday.

Where can I find meeting minutes from previous meetings? How can I contact a member of the Board of Supervisors?

You can contact the Board of Supervisors by email address listed below. Alternatively, you are invited to speak directly to the Board during the Citizen's Input item at each Regular Meeting to discuss items that are not on the night's agenda. 


When are Township meetings?

The Board of Supervisors generally meets on the first and third Monday of each month at 7 pm in the Main Meeting Room of the Ferguson Township Municipal Building.

The Ferguson Township Planning Commission meets on the second and fourth Monday of each month in the Main Meeting Room of the Ferguson Township Municipal Building.

The Ferguson Township Zoning Hearing Board meets on the third Tuesday of each month in the Main Meeting Room of the Ferguson Township Municipal Building.

Access a full calendar of meetings and events

Do I need a permit to hand out flyers or sell door-to-door?

Anyone engaging in any of the following activities is required to apply for and obtain a license from the Township Manager:

  • Peddling, soliciting, or taking orders, either by sample or otherwise for any goods, wares, or merchandise on any street, sidewalk, public ground, or from house to house in Ferguson Township;
  • Selling, soliciting, or taking orders for any goods, wares, or merchandise from a fixed location within the Township, on a temporary basis, which shall include, but shall not be limited to such activities conducted at the time of special occasions or celebrations, for seasonal purposes, or for or in advance of specific yearly holidays;
  • Any required State or County licenses shall also be obtained and provided at the time of application to the Township. Every license holder is required to carry such license or display it at the location where he is engaged in business.

Ordinance Enforcement

I got a letter saying I need to cut my grass. Who can I talk to?

Questions regarding Township ordinances such as this should be directed to Lori Sowash, Ferguson Township Ordinance Enforcement Officer. You may reach contact her at (814) 238-1172, voice mailbox 3739, or by emailing her at In addition, you may use our website Contact Us form.

What can I do about a barking dog in my neighborhood?

Barking dogs can be in conflict with the noise regulations of the Township. A noisy animal shall be defined as one or more animals which make(s) noises habitually, so as to constitute annoyance to a person of ordinary sensibilities. If you have a complaint about a barking dog, you should contact Lori Sowash, the Township's Ordinance Enforcement Officer, at  

When do dogs need to be on a leash?

Dogs do not have to be on a leash while on the owner's property. However, dogs must be on a leash or under complete control of its owner when outside the owner's property. The dog may not leave the property by itself, wander into a neighbor's yard, or run loose. This is considered to be a dog at large and is a violation. 

For more information, view §2-102, Chapter 2: Animals of the Code of Ordinances: Unlawful to Allow Animals to Run at Large

When does my dog need a license?

Dogs need to be licensed at three months of age.

During what hours are the Township's noise regulations applicable?

Generally, the noise regulations are effective between the hours of 7 pm and 7 am.

For more information, view §10-308 of Chapter 10: Health and Safety in the Code of Ordinances: Noise Limitations

Public Works

I received a letter saying I need to trim my shrubs because they block the view. Who can I talk to?

Please respond to the author of the letter. The Township Engineer investigates complaints of blocked sight distance at road intersections. If the obstruction is on private property, typically the you as the owner will receive a notice indicating that you must abate the sight distance hazard per the Pa Motor Vehicle Code. If you are concerned about sight distance at an intersection in the Township, contact the Township Engineer.

You may contact the Township Engineer by calling (814) 238-4651 or by using the Contact Us form.

What can I do about my neighbor’s tree branches hanging over onto my property?

Ferguson Township does not monitor or enforce boundaries for private trees. It’s a civil matter between neighbors. The Township suggests asking your neighbor if you may trip the tree branches or whether he or she would prefer to trim them. Most of the time, such concerns can be resolved by reaching out and talking it over.

When is Brush and Leaf Collection?

Brush and Leaf Collection begins on the first Monday of each month of the year, weather permitting. If the first Monday is a holiday, collection will begin on the following day. Brush and leaves must be curbside at 7 am on the first Monday of every month to be collected.

Brush and Leaf Collection Guidelines

For more information about the Brush and Leaf Collection schedule, call the Township at (814) 238-4651 and press option 4.

Where should I place brush for collection?

Brush may be placed at curbside for collection but may not be placed in the road. Branches must be placed with the cut end facing the road. The Township does not collect grass clippings and ornamental grasses. They may be disposed of in your weekly trash or properly composted. Grass clipping may also be brought to the Township for disposal.

Brush and Leaf Collection Guidelines

I missed the monthly brush collection. Can I arrange for a special pick-up?

The Township maintains a schedule of monthly Brush Collection and two extra rounds in October and April of each year. Each round begins on the first Monday of the month (except for holidays) and takes approximately a week to complete. Residents are asked to plan accordingly. Should you miss a round, the Township suggests you store the brush in your backyard until the day before the next round begins. To maintain our schedule cost effectively for residents, the Township cannot honor individual requests for Brush Collection.

How do I report a sinkhole?

If the sinkhole is an emergency, contact Ferguson Township Police. If not an emergency, please contact the Township's Road Superintendent. You may also complete a Contact Us Form.

Sinkholes are a common occurrence in Ferguson Township. If one develops in your yard, you may need to contact a professional geologist or soil scientist.

First, you may want to investigate where the water is coming from that is causing the sink. Check if you have a roof sump or if water is being concentrated to a certain location. Ask your water service provider to mark the water lateral to your house and check that the sink is not in the vicinity of the line which may indicate a water lateral break. If you have public sewer, contact the sewer authority and ask them to mark the location of your sewer lateral. If there is a break in either your water lateral or sewer lateral on your side of the curb box or right of way, you may need to hire a contractor to make the repair. If you cannot find the source of the water causing the sink, you may need to contact a professional for assistance.


I have begun to have trouble with water in my basement or yard. Who can answer my questions?

Please contact your insurance agent. Water in your basement can come from a variety of sources including seeps, springs, clogged roof sumps, overflowing gutters, negative grade, and remedies are numerous. Often a building contractor can assist with determination and remedy.

Stormwater and surface runoff questions may be directed to the Township Engineer. There is an ordinance that governs post construction stormwater runoff related to new subdivisions and developments. If this ordinance applies, the Township may assist in the abatement of the stormwater problem. If it does not apply, property owners may pursue civil remedies.

The Township Engineer manages the Township's Stormwater Ordinance. Questions regarding the Township's Stormwater Ordinance should be directed to the Township Engineer by calling (814) 238-4651.

Why are there different colored flags in my yard or along the sidewalk?

Underground utilities are required to be marked by utility providers prior to excavation operations in accordance with the Pennsylvania One Call System. The Pa One Call System, Call Before You Dig 811, requires facility owners to mark their facilities either during the design phase of a project or before digging begins on a project. Each utility type is assigned a color and is usually marked on the ground with paint or a flag. For more information, call 8-1-1 or speak to the Township Engineering Technician.

As a member of the PA One Call System, the Public Works Department receives copies of One Call notices placed within the Township. Questions regarding planned excavation activities may be directed to the Public Works Department by email or by calling (814) 238-4651. The PA One Call System may be contacted by visiting its website or by calling 1-800-242-1776.

Access the "Frequently Asked Questions" page for PA One Call

View the color guide to determine what each flag represents


Where can I find the Township Budget?

The Budget Information Page is home to the current and previous Operating and Capital Budgets. If you have any questions about the Township Budget, please contact the Finance Department by email or by calling (814) 238-4651.

I received a check in the mail. What is it for?

There are several reasons you may have received a check from the Township in the mail. If you are not certain why you have received a check, you may contact us by calling (814) 238-4651.

Did my escrow account pay my taxes?

If you are not certain whether your taxes were paid by your escrow account, you may contact the Tax Office by calling (814) 238-4651 and selecting Option 1. You may also email the Department.