Zoning Ordinance Updates

Ferguson Township is performing a major update to both the zoning and subdivision and land development ordinances that Planning & Zoning staff expect will be adopted in mid-2018. Revisions to these ordinances are in progress and are not complete at this time. Changes will be forthcoming. View the most recent draft updates below.

The Township employed the services of Environmental Planning & Design in Pittsburgh to assist with the project. Working with the Planning Commission and Board of Supervisors, the Planning & Zoning staff have drafted a new zoning ordinance with improved formatting, graphics, dimensions, density, and terminology. “The zoning ordinance has been updated time and time again over the years and pieced together to what we have today,” said Director of Planning & Zoning Raymond Stolinas. “The new version will be user-friendly, clearly explaining what you can and cannot do under the zoning ordinance.” 

Revisions to the zoning ordinance will allow the Township’s agricultural community greater latitude in accessory uses for agriculture-related land development. For example, farm owners will be able to use barns to store boat and RVs, and may now operate cideries, for example, or offer honey sales. 

Local farmers who participated in focus groups facilitated by the Planning & Zoning staff said they appreciated the Township’s response to their concerns about the ordinances. 

Residents are invited to participate in the rewrite by exploring and sharing your thoughts on the Zoning Update Idea Board, an interactive map that allows users to explore the Township’s working draft of its land use designations and dimensional criteria for the community’s zoning districts. 

The Idea Board truly is a place for ideas, and we welcome your thoughts.  Further, if you have thoughts about specific areas of the community, you are welcome to submit land use-oriented comments/concerns to the Township through this Idea Board. 

To get started sharing your thoughts on the zoning updates, we encourage you to view this Idea Board tutorial.

The tutorial explains how to navigate the site and seeks to answer any questions you may have. Should you need these instructions again, you'll also find links to the tutorial on the Idea Board site. 

We hope you enjoy exploring!

Draft Zoning Ordinance_March 2018
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Draft Subdivision and Land Development Ordinance_March 2018

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Existing Zoning Ordinance