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Zoning Maps, Ordinances, Permits and Questions

Ferguson Township is performing a major update to both the zoning and subdivision and land development ordinances that Planning & Zoning staff expect will be adopted early in 2019. Revisions to these ordinances are not complete at this time. Residents are invited to explore and comment on the Zoning Update Idea Board.

Zoning Ordinance Updates

2019 Zoning Map
The Ferguson Township Zoning Map was updated and signed on January 21, 2019. The Zoning Map displays the Township's Zoning Districts and Riparian Buffer Overlay Districts. The Source Water Protection Overlay is effective 30 days after adoption, which makes the effective enforcement date February 20, 2019. Click the image at right to enlarge.

Centre Region Interactive Online Zoning Map
The Centre Region Planning Agency (CRPA) has created an interactive online zoning map that allows users to access basic parcel and zoning/overlay district information for all six Centre Region municipalities.  Currently, this map includes links to each municipality’s zoning ordinance. CRPA staff are working on updating those links so that they redirect users to the specific district requirements. The CRPA online map allows those who access it to create a custom map to be printed.  

Because the map shows all six Centre Region municipalities at one time, it displays zoning data for parcels split between two municipalities --  without needing to access different maps.  This also allows residents to search for properties in multiple municipalities on one map, or -- if the municipality is unknown -- to simply search by address.

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