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Winter Operations and Snow Regulations

Snow Removal Operations

Ferguson Township Public Works crews work hard to keep roads clear of ice and snow and respond to hazards. 

How we work:

The Ferguson Township Road Crew is a team of operators highly trained in the latest technology and procedures for snow removal. Our snow fighting crews work 8-hour days Monday through Friday. When the Ferguson Township Police Department notifies Public Works in advance of a winter storm, our crews break into two 12-hour shifts, with an overlap in the morning, to prepare the roads for your morning commute. 

Occasionally, an additional two-worker crew is enlisted to help clear the main roads and snowdrifts. The Township complies with all laws governing CDL drivers. Therefore, the Township is required to give drivers 10 hours of rest after each 11-hour plowing shift. 

It is important to note that streets may not always be cleared to the blacktop. Some snow and slush may remain on the road surface, especially if the snow is light and powdery and there is little likelihood that the snow will refreeze. 

The Ferguson Township Snow Operations Policy provides guidance to the crew members as they work to maintain the 90-plus miles of roadway in the Township.

Priority is given to the main roads, such as Whitehall Road, Science Park Road, and Blue Course Drive. Once the main roads are cleared, the road crew begins clearing the residential and connecting streets. If possible, residents are encouraged to use snow tires during the winter months to improve travel.

To ensure that Township snow plows have access:

Residents and business owners are reminded not to push or blow snow into the roadway from your driveway, parking lot or sidewalk.

Parking shall be prohibited on all streets, roads and highways in the Township at all times within 48 hours after a snowfall of two or more inches has fallen. Vehicles that have not been removed will be ticketed or towed.

This prohibition is in effect regardless of whether or not a snow emergency is declared. 

To be notified by e-mail when to remove your vehicle from the street, sign up for Winter Weather Reminders 

In case of declared snow emergencies:

The Pennsylvania Governor or his designee may declare a snow emergency, which lifts the restrictions on CDL drivers that would otherwise apply. In such cases, the road crew is not obligated to rest 10 hours after 11 hours of plowing. 

The Ferguson Township Manager is authorized by ordinance §15-601 to declare a snow emergency at his discretion. When the Township Manager declares a snow emergency, parking is prohibited on designated snow emergency routes, and vehicles are prohibited from driving on snow emergency routes without chains, snow tires, or all-weather tires. 

After any snow emergency is declared, it shall be unlawful at any time during the continuance of the emergency, for any person:

  • To park a motor vehicle or to allow that vehicle to remain parked anywhere on any snow emergency route designated in Chapter 15 §15-603. (Ferguson Township Ordinance)
  • To drive any motor vehicle on any such snow emergency route, unless that vehicle is equipped with all weather tires, snow tires or chains.

The following are designated as Ferguson Township snow emergency routes:              

Blue Course Drive
Circleville Road 
Science Park Road  
Valley Vista Drive           
Whitehall Road   
Pine Grove Road (SR 45)

Winter maintenance of our Shared Use Paths:

Public Works performs winter maintenance on eight Shared Use Paths in the Township. Learn more

Shared Use Path Winter Maintenance Map

Thank you for your patience and understanding during snowy winter months

Please direct any questions or concerns about snow removal to the Ferguson Township Public Works Department by calling (814) 238-4651 or by completing our Contact Us form.

Winter Weather Reminders and Snow Removal Policies for Residents