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Thistlewood Lot 7 Land Development Plan

300 Treetops Drive
(Thistlewood Subdivision)

State College

This Land Development Plan, submitted by PennTerra Engineering, Inc. on behalf of the applicants, Richard and Sepideh Burkett, proposed the construction of a single-family home, approximately 2,670 square feet on Lot 7 (300 Treetops Drive) within the Thistlewood Development.  As per the Thistlewood Record Subdivision Plan, dated September 24, 2004, revised March 16, 2005, select lots are required to have a Land Development Plan because of the topography, conservation easements, soil types, potential sinkhole development, and wetlands.  Lot 7 is one of these lots. 

Rural Residential (RR)

Current Site Use:
Vacant Lot 
300 Treetops Drive/Tax Parcel 24-136-007 is 1.39 acres and is zoned Rural Residential (RR). 

Thistlewood Lot 7 Land Development Plan