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Tax Rates

2016 Tax Rates

Below is a table listing current tax rates and information in Ferguson Township. The Township is pleased to offer an online tax calculator to help you determine your total estimated local tax share within the Centre Region and Bellefonte Borough. Visit our tax calculator online for more information.
Tax Amount Explanation

Earned Income Tax Rate

2.35% 1.4% for the Township,
.95% for the School District
Township Real Estate 2.422 mils This rate is effective beginning
January 1, 2010.
County Real Estate 7.84 mils  
School Real Estate 43.4730 mils

This rate is effective for the
2016-2017 school year.

Real Estate Transfer Tax 2.75% 1.25% for the Township, .5% for
the School District, .5% for Centre
County (the tax is typically split
between the buyer and the seller),
the balance is paid to the

Local Services Tax


$52.00 $47.00 for the Township and $5.00
for the School District. This replaces
the Emergency Municipal Services