Suburban Park Master Plan

At its Regular Meeting on May 20, 2019, the Ferguson Township Board of Supervisors adopted Resolution No. 2019-15 to approve a revised master plan for the 13.75 acre Suburban Park in the Overlook Heights neighborhood.

The resolution noted that the Township engaged a consultant, YSM Landscape Architects, a steering committee of Township and Centre Region Parks and Recreation staff; representatives from the Township's Parks and Recreation Committee, and three Township residents to develop a plan for park improvements and a stormwater drainage solution. The improvements will "enhance the park's natural features and beauty, while providing an opportunity for people of all ages to enjoy active and passive recreation."

In addition, the Township hosted three public meetings on November 5, 2018, January 17, 2019, and March 27, 2019, and offered an online survey taken by 80 participants.

YSM Landscape Architects presented the final design and narrative for the park's master plan, as well as answered questions, at the Board of Supervisors' Regular Meeting on
May 6, 2019. Link to the final presentation here

At the Board's previous Regular Meeting on April 15, the YSM team provided an
Executive Summary for review and discussion.

The Suburban Park Master Plan Update envisions a neighborhood park that continues to serve the Overlook Heights neighborhood.  The park maintains and updates popular recreation facilities and enhances natural aspects of the park setting.  The drainage channel is widened and naturalized to better accommodate runoff.  Proposed recreation improvements target activities desired by residents to enhance the enjoyment of visiting the park. 

Guiding Principles
The following guiding principles were defined for the Suburban Park Master Plan Update, based on the findings of the planning and public participation process: 

  • Maintain existing recreation facilities enjoyed by residents and enhance facilities to meet current safety and accessibility standards.
  •  Enhance the convenience of using the park.
  •  Improve the setting to accommodate the stormwater runoff that flows through the park.
  •  Maintain and enhance the natural resources of the site.
  • Explore opportunities to expand the natural aspects of the site and incorporate nature into play areas and along trails.
  •  Develop loop trails to encourage walking and healthy activity.

Suburban Park Master Plan Update_05.01.19

Thank you to all the community residents who helped establish a vision for Suburban Park. 

Please contact Centrice Martin with your questions and comments at

Public Meeting 2, January 17, 2019: Pre-Final Design

Public Meeting 2: January 17, 2019 Pre-Final Design Presentation

Photo Gallery: Public Meetings and Suburban Park Master Plan Update Committee Meetings

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Suburban Park is located at 101 Suburban Avenue in Overlook Heights.
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