Suburban Park Master Plan

Above: Suggestions and concerns expressed by those who attended the 2nd Suburban Park Master Plan Update public meeting on January 17.

Residents are helping the Township plan improvements to Suburban Park

Suburban Park is getting a master plan update, and the Township is excited about the community's participation. Residents continue to express strong interest in helping to plan the park's future. 

The Township held the 2nd public meeting on January 17. The consultant, YSM Landscape Architects, gave a presentation on the pre-final design of the park's master plan. The pre-final design was created with participation by residents at the first public engagement meeting on November 5, 2018, by the Steering Committee, and also included responses from an online community survey.

Thank you to all the community residents who completed the survey, attended the public meetings, and emailed the Township or the consultant directly to help establish a vision for Suburban Park. 

Residents who were unable to attend the 2nd public meeting on January 17 will find a link below to view the pre-final design and the presentation. Please contact Centrice Martin with your questions and comments at

Public Survey--Take the 10-question survey to tell us your impressions of Suburban Park, your expectations and your hopes for its future. The survey will be live until February 11

Public Meetings--The Township will host one more public meeting from 6 to 7:30 pm on Wednesday, March 27, at the Quality Inn Conference Room, 1274 North Atherton Street. At this third public meeting, residents may expect a presentation on the final Master Plan as well as a discussion on project costs, phasing, and prioritization and possible grants for consideration. 

Public Meeting 2, January 17, 2019: Pre-Final Design

Public Meeting 2: January 17, 2019 Pre-Final Design Presentation

Photo Gallery: Public Meetings and Suburban Park Master Plan Update Committee Meetings

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Suburban Park is located at 101 Suburban Avenue in Overlook Heights.
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