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Stormwater Fee Study Presentation and Document Archive

Presentations to the Board and Public

C-NET recording of the March 21, 2018 Public Meeting

Assessing Needs, Creating Strategies_Updated
March 21, 2018 Presentation to the Public

Assessing Needs, Creating Strategies
February 8, 2018 Presentation to the Board of Supervisors

Stormwater Advisory Committee Meetings

Meeting 7

April 18, 2018 SAC Agenda (7th Meeting)

Notes: Stormwater User Fee Feasibility Study Public Meeting

March 21, 2018 SAC Meeting Minutes

Meeting 6
March 21, 2018 Ferguson Township Stormwater User Fee Feasibility Study Public Meeting

March 21, 2018 SAC Agenda (6th Meeting)

February 21, 2018 SAC Meeting Minutes 

Policies and Issues for Discussion

Cost of Service Summary

Meeting 5
February 7, 2018 SAC Agenda

Combined Survey Results

Ferguson Township Prioritization Level of Service Options

Ferguson Township SAC Meeting #4 Minutes Final Draft

Meeting 4
January 9, 2018 SAC Agenda

Funding Methods and Revenue Generating Capacity

No. 783 Increasing EIT and RE Taxes _2001

Open Letter_TPD Tax Increase

Transportation Partnership District Study_1999

SAC Survey

Staff Survey

Ferguson Township SAC Meeting #3 Minutes_12.06.17

Meeting 3
December 6, 2017 SAC Agenda

Meeting #2 Follow-up FAQ_Final Draft

Level of Service Options Matrix_11.30.17

Assessment Cycle

Ferguson Township SAC Meeting #2 Minutes_11.01.17

Meeting 2
Ferguson Township SAC November 1, 2017 Agenda

Ferguson Township FAQ Primer

Ferguson Township Level of Service Options Matrix

Ferguson Township FAQ on User Fees

Definitions for Level of Service Options

Intro Background for Level of Service Discussion

Ferguson Township SAC Meeting #1 Minutes_09.27.17

Meeting 1
Ferguson Township SAC September 27, 2017 Agenda

Summary of Ferguson Township Current Services

Mission of the Ferguson Township Stormwater Advisory Committee

Award Memo, Board of Supervisors Stormwater Fee

Stormwater User Fee Feasibility Project, SAC

Stormwater Fee Feasibility Study

Meeting 1 Presentation, Ferguson Township Stormwater User Fee