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Staff Directory


The Ferguson Township Police are proud to serve and protect Township residents.

Currently, our department consists of 21 sworn, full-time staff, one part-time Ordinance Enforcement Officer and two Administrative Assistants.
The sworn staff consists of the Chief, four Sergeants, two Corporals, 12 Patrol Officers, and three Detectives.

The department answers all 9-1-1 emergency calls as well as non-emergency police calls 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

To reach an officer by voice mail, dial  814-238-4651 and add the officer's badge number provided below.

To contact an officer by email please address the email to the officer's attention at

Chief Diane Conrad, 3700

Sergeant Chris Albright, 3706

Sergeant Ryan Hendrick, 3718

Corporal Brian Rose, 3729

Detective Joshua Martin, 3724

Detective Jonathan Mayer, 3728

Officer Eric Albright, 3722 

Officer Bill Chambers, 3717

Detective Caleb Clouse, 3710

Officer Walter Embser, 3730

Officer Andrew Ettaro, 3721

Officer Michael Lamb, 3712

Officer Daniel Lewis, 3714

Officer Kevin Laudenslager, 3726

Sergeant Devon Moran, 3727

Sergeant Shawn Morrison, 3711 

Officer Travis Park, 3725

Officer Ryan Plunkett, 3720

Officer Shawn Slater, 3723

Corporal Jeff White, 3715

Ordinance Enforcement Officer Lori Sowash, 3739

Administrative Assistant JoAnna Harter, 3746

Administrative Assistant Kara Holliday, 3745