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Shared Use Paths

Shared Use Paths

The Ferguson Township Public Works Department maintains many of the shared use paths you'll find listed at the link below. The list of available facilities within the Township includes sections of trails and bike lanes.

Here is a complete list of places to walk, run and bike in Ferguson Township:

Bellefonte Central Rail Trail
Along the Bellefonte Central Railroad right of way from the Clinton Avenue McKee Street Bikepath to the College Township line

BicyclePA Route G
Along Route 45 from the Harris Township line to the Huntingdon County line

Blue and White Trails
From West Park Ave Extension through the Penn State Golf Course to Corl Street and from Blue Course Drive to the State College Borough line

Blue Course Drive Bikeway
Along Blue Course Drive from Teaberry Lane to Shellers Bend

Bristol Avenue Path
Along Bristol Avenue from West College Avenue to Blue Course Drive

CATO/Stonebridge Bikeway
From Research Drive to Blue Course Drive

Clinton Avenue/McKee Street Bikeway
From East Clinton Avenue to McKee Street Bikeway

Foxpointe Bike Path (2)

  • Along Foxpointe Drive from Prairie Rose Lane to Pine Hall Road
  • Along Prairie Rose Lane near Foxpointe Drive

Haymarket Park Bike Path (2)

  • From the Haymarket Park basketball court to Blue Course Drive
  • From the Haymarket Park basketball court to Quail Run Road

Musser Gap Trail
From Musser Gap trailhead parking lot across Route 45 onto Penn State lands

Nixon Road Path
Along Nixon Road from Sunday Drive to near Chester Drive

Nixon Road to Pine Grove Elementary School Path
From Nixon Road to the Pine Grove Elementary School

Old Gatesburg Road Path
Along Old Gatesburg Road from Science Park Road to Blue Course Drive

Pine Hall Road Path
Pine Hall Road from Old Gatesburg Road to Science Park Road

Saybrook Path
Along Foxpointe Drive From Sleepy Hollow Drive to Cobble Court

Science Park Road Path
Along Science Park Road from the Tudek Circleville Bikepath to Pine Hall Road

Shellers Bend Path
Along Shellers Bend from Blue Course Drive to the Stonebridge Bikepath

Tudek/Circleville Bikeway (2)

  • From the State Game Lands at Sleepy Hollow Road to Blue Course Drive with a spur from West Aaron Drive through Tudek Park to Teaberry Lane and a spur from Blue Course Drive to Radio Park Elementary School
  • Section from the Radio Park Elementary School property to Hillcrest Avenue Extension

Vairo Boulevard/Aaron Drive Bikeway
From Vairo Boulevard through Suburban Park to East Aaron Drive

Whitehall Road Bike Lanes
Along Whitehall Road from the Township line near Blue Course Drive to West College Avenue