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Public Works Photos

On a daily basis, Ferguson Township Public Works provides efficient, cost-effective, professional public works services within our scope of work to our residents. Our emphasis is on preventive maintenance.

Public Works Photo Gallery

During the warmer months, our crews are sweeping streets, paving roads, patching potholes, sealing cracks on roads, repairing and cleaning inlets, and grading berms; planting and trimming trees, seeding, controlling vegetation, and mowing grass; inspecting traffic signals, and so much more. They’re maintaining nearly 100 miles of roadways, Township vehicles and equipment as well as buildings and grounds, and making improvements to our parks.

Our Public Works crews are helping to make your yard clean-up tasks easier by offering curbside collection of brush and leaves – a service our residents tell us they appreciate. 

Throughout our long central Pennsylvania winters, Public Works crews follow a winter operations plan. They work hard to keep roads clear of ice and snow and respond to hazards. Highly trained in the latest technology and procedures for snow removal, our “snow fighters” work as two teams on two overlapping 12-hour shifts to prepare the roads for your morning commute. 

Public Works Week Tour of Penn State Facilities

The Ferguson Township Public Works Department welcomed members of the central Pennsylvania chapter of the American Public Works Association (APWA) to State College on May 23 for a tour of Penn State facilities, including Beaver Stadium, the Pegula Ice Arena, and the Penn State Water Treatment Plant.