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Pine Hall Traditional Town Development (TTD) General Master Plan


Pine Hall Traditional Town Development (TTD) General Master Plan
Blue Course Drive


Over the past approximately 18 months, Ferguson Township staff have been working with Residential Housing Development, LLC and its counterparts to develop a new General Master Plan for the Pine Hall TTD. Currently, an approved Master Plan exists for Pine Hall, but Residential Housing Development, LLC, has a new vision, which the proposed new General Master Plan illustrates. If this proposed new General Master Plan is approved, the existing Plan will be replaced.

The Ferguson Township Zoning Ordinance, Section 27-702.4.D. requires copies of the General Master Plan be sent to all appropriate agencies including but not limited to the following: Township Board of Supervisors, Township Planning Commission members, the Centre Regional Planning Agency, the Township Engineer, the Centre County Conservation District, CATA, and the PA DEP Regional Office.  Ferguson Township Planning and Zoning Staff has a list of reviewers that plans are sent to on a regular basis, therefore, we are including those reviewers as well, since this General Master Plan will have such an impact on the Township and different agencies in the Township and region. 

The Plan was submitted on February 20, 2018 by Residential Housing, LLC.

The Ferguson Township Board of Supervisors will host a public hearing on the Pine Hall TTD Master Plan at its Regular Meeting, 7 pm Monday, July 15. 

TTD – Traditional Town Development  

Current Site Use:
Vacant Lot 

Pine Hall Submission 01.03.19:

Cover Sheet
Existing Conditions Plan
General Site Plan
Lot Layout Plan
Lot Layout Plan
General Grading Plan and E&S
Typical Street Sections
General Public Utility Plan
Lighting Plan
Conceptual Open Space Plan
Conceptual Circulation Plan
Conceptual Landscape Plan
General Stormwater Management Plan
Phasing Plan

Booklet 2_Manual of Design Guidelines