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Finance and Tax

Finance Department Mission Statement:Median garden at intersection of Route 26 and Shingletown Rd.

It is the mission of the Finance Department to provide professional customer-oriented financial and tax services to the citizenry of the Township.
Department Duties:

The Finance Department is responsible for all fiscal aspects of the Township including tax collection for the Township and State College School District, Financial Accounting, Investments, custody and control of municipal funds, Assets and Property, Taxation, Risk Management and Pensions. 

Each year the Director of Finance works with the Township Manager and Department Heads to prepare the 5-year Capital Improvement Program Budget (CIP) and the Annual Operating Budget. This budget aims to determine the financial needs of the Township for the next five years.

View the 2019 Approved Township Operating Budget


The Ferguson Township Tax Office collects Real Estate Taxes for the Township of Ferguson, and the State College Area School District.

The first Real Estate billing of the year is March 1 for the County/Township taxes.  The payment schedule is as follows: The discount period ends April 30; the face/net period ends June 30; and the penalty period ends December 31, of the same year.  After this, all unpaid parcels are returned to the Centre County Tax Claim Bureau. 

The second Real Estate billing of the year is July 1 for School District taxes. The payment schedule is as follows: The discount period ends August 31; the face/net period ends October 31; and December 31 of the same year is the date all unpaid parcels are returned to the Centre County Tax Claim Bureau. If a receipt is desired, a self-addressed, stamped envelope must be included with your payment. 

For all residents who build a home in the Township, taxes are billed on those improvements on February 1 and July 1. 

Tax Certifications:

The Township charges $5 per tax certification.  For both the Township and the School District certifications, the total would be $10.  This must be paid in advance of the certification.  The Tax office may accept escrow accounts for customers that request quantity certifications.  Contact the Tax Office for more information.

Centre County Tax Collection Committee (TCC)

The Centre Tax Agency (in the State College Borough) collects the Earned Income Taxes and the Local Services Taxes for the Township and the State College Area School District, effective in 2012. The State College Area School District is managing the webpage information which can be found at

The State College Area School District Information:

Information regarding the School District Real Estate bills, Homestead/Farmstead and Installment payment information can be found by clicking here.

Local Services Tax Information (LST):

Please note the following withholding requirements according to the employer pay schedules.

If you pay WEEKLY = withhold $1.00 per pay
If you pay BIWEEKLY = withhold $2.00 per pay
If you pay SEMIMONTHLY = withhold $2.16 per pay
If you pay MONTHLY = withhold $4.33 per pay
Exempt Employees = withhold $5.00 one time for school district

If you would like to speak with someone in the Finance Department, please call (814) 238-4651, or contact Eric Endresen, Director of Finance, by email.

Tax Office General Inquiries
Payment of Invoices

Eric Endresen, Director of Finance
Traci Miller, Accountant/Bookkeeper
Paula Hockenberry, Finance Associate/Tax Clerk
Faith Norris, Admin/Finance Administrative Assistant

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