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Employee Directory

The staff at Ferguson Township are here to help.  If you need to reach us, please use the email list below.  If you are not sure where your question should go, feel free to contact us through our General Information email address.

Board of Supervisors:
Mr. Steve Miller, Chairman
Mr. Peter Buckland, Vice Chairman
Ms. Laura Dininni
Ms. Janet Whitaker
Rita Graef

Planning Commission:
Ms. Lisa Strickland
Mr. Rob Crassweller
Mr. Ralph Wheland  
Mr. Marc McMaster, Chairman
Mr. Erik Scott
Mr. Kurt Homan
Ms. Cristin Mitchell
Mr. Bill Keough
Ms. Andrea Harman

Tree Commission:
Mr. Marc McDill, Chairman
Ms. Darlene Chivers
Mr. Mike Jacobson
Mr. Howard Fescemyer
Mr. Jerry Learn

General Staff:

Mark Kunkle, Township Manager
David Pribulka, Assistant Township Manager
Angela Kalke, Executive Assistant
Diana Griffith, Community Communications Coordinator
Public Works Department:
David Modricker, Director of Public Works
Lance King, Arborist
Ronald Seybert, Jr., Township Engineer
Ryan Scanlan, Assistant Township Engineer
Don Voigt, Engineering Assistant
Kristina Aneckstein, GIS Technician
Allison Day, GIS Technician
Steve McDonald, Road Superintendent
Van Holsinger, Custodian
Bruce Houk, Mechanic

Planning/Zoning Department:
Raymond Stolinas, Director of Planning and Zoning
Lindsay K. Schoch, Community Planner
Jeff Ressler, Zoning Administrator
Chuck Herr, Sewage Enforcement Officer
Marcella Bell, Administrative Assistant
Faye Drawl, Staff Assistant

Finance & Tax Department:
Eric Endresen, Director of Finance
Traci Miller, Accountant
Jendi Ammerman, Finance Associate
Valerie Snyder, Finance Associate

Police Department:
Chief Diane Conrad, 3700
Sergeant Chris Albright, 3706
Sergeant Ryan Hendrick, 3718
Corporal Brian Rose, 3729
Detective Joshua Martin, 3724
Detective Jonathan Mayer, 3728
Officer Eric Albright, 3722
Officer Bill Chambers, 3717
Officer Caleb Clouse, 3710
Officer Walter Embser, 3730
Officer Andrew Ettaro, 3721
Officer Michael Lamb, 3712
Officer Daniel Lewis, 3714
Officer Kevin Laudenslager, 3726
Sergeant Devon Moran, 3727
Sergeant Shawn Morrison, 3711
Officer Travis Park, 3725
Officer Ryan Plunkett, 3720
Officer Shawn Slater, 3723
Corporal Jeff White, 3715
Ordinance Enforcement Officer Lori Sowash, 3739
Administrative Assistant JoAnna Harter, 3746
Administrative Assistant Kara Holliday, 3745