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Domestic Chickens

The Ferguson Township Board of Supervisors voted at its Regular Meeting on July 18 to adopt a Domestic Chicken Ordinance, which allows homeowners of single-family lots in residential districts to legally own up to six (6) chickens — specifically hens — for domestic purposes.

Prior to July 18, 2016, owning chickens was not allowed under Township zoning regulations, other than for typical agricultural operations.

Residents who wish to own chicken hens need to apply for a zoning permit and pay a $25 fee. This also applies to residents who owned chickens prior to the adoption of the Domestic Chicken Ordinance; if you did, you now need to apply for a zoning permit and pay the $25.00 fee to be in compliance with the ordinance. You will not be penalized for owning chickens prior to adoption of the ordinance.

Please review and comply with these conditions in the Domestic Chicken Ordinance:

  • Only female chickens are allowed on a single-family lot; no roosters are permitted. Residents of Ferguson Township are not restricted to species type, just gender.

  • Residents are allowed up to six (6) chicken hens, regardless of the number of dwelling units on the lot.

  • Chicken hens must be kept in a chicken pen, chicken coop, chicken tractor or chicken pen during daylight hours and a henhouse during non-daylight hours.

  • The minimum chicken coop size shall be three (3) square feet per chicken hen with a maximum structure area of 144 square feet.  Henhouses, chicken coops, chicken tractors, fenced areas (chicken pens) or chicken runs shall not be allowed within the front yard, but may be allowed in both side and rear yards as defined. However, they shall not be placed or built within 10 feet of the side or rear property lines.

  • So that domestic chickens do not adversely impact the surrounding neighborhood, residents shall maintain enclosures in a clean, dry and odor-free environment while providing adequate sun and shade.  Additionally, to protect hens from rodents and predators, residents should build structures with sturdy wire fencing wrapped on all sides.  

View Zoning Permit Requirements, or apply by visiting the Planning and Zoning Department at the Ferguson Township Municipal Building at 3147 Research Drive.