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Current Public Works Projects

Public Works Director’s Report to the Board of Supervisors
for the Regular Meeting on September 18, 2017


Community Tree Planting: Meghan Hoskins is leading a group of Penn State students and Ferguson Township Elementary school folks to bring the goals of the UN Plant for the Planet project to Ferguson and State College. One of the project's goals is planting billions of trees globally. Hoskins contacted Lance King, Township Arborist about her goal to plant 400 trees in one location this spring. She wants to involve the elementary school students and find somewhere local — possibly a park or school ground — or even a homeowner or farmer who would like to plant more trees. She is asking the Township if we have any recommendations or concerns, or would like to hear more, and said she appreciates any help. Staff suggested this as a topic for the FTTC at its meeting on September 18.

Oak Wilt: Initial testing and follow up testing both indicated negative results for what appeared to be a case of oak wilt at 112 Cherry Ridge Road. This tree did receive treatment of propiconazole (Alamo/Propizol) after the first oak wilt outbreak in the vicinity in 2017. Bruce Fraedrich, Ph.D., plant pathologist, Bartlett Tree Experts states “the defoliation reaction to Alamo/Propizol treatments in oak and elm is an occasional occurrence-maybe 1 in 100 plants.  It is likely resulting from genetic differences in trees where a small part of the population is sensitive to the treatment.  Stress likely plays a role as well.  Trees subjected to moisture stress or challenged by oak wilt likely will be more susceptible to phytotoxicity. If defoliation occurs following treatment, check those trees in the weeks following the occurrence. If buds remain viable, it is likely a phytotoxicity reaction.  If twig and branch dieback occurs, it is likely the result of oak wilt and tree removal before next spring is recommended to prevent possible mat formation.  If infection has already occurred through root graft, it is possible that the Alamo/Propizol treatment will not be effective.” Staff will continue to monitor the situation and take appropriate action.
Roadside Mowing: In accordance with an Agility Agreement with PaDOT, FTPW will perform roadside mowing on West College Ave from the Borough line to Shingletown Road, and on Whitehall Road from West College Avenue to the Borough line, in exchange for use of certain PaDOT equipment and salt brine. Future mowing concerns on these sections of road can be directed to the Public Works Department.
LEED Gold Public Works Building:
Staff met with the architect/engineer team on September 12th and reviewed many aspects of the building and sitework necessary to establish the building footprint and begin work on the site plan. Issues involving additional stormwater management, site survey, extent of solar energy production, and source of building heat, and associated costs require input from the Board prior to advancing the project further through design. Information on stormwater management is currently available for Board input. A preliminary energy modeling report was completed by the 7Group and costs for various solar and energy options should be available for Board consideration for the October 16th meeting.
Pollutant Reduction Plan [Chesapeake Bay and impaired waterways (Slab Cabin Run)]: MS4 partner engineers will meet with our consultant, NTM, on September 14th to review the draft of the final report. Once the final report is received from NTM, a presentation will be provided to the Board and the report will be available for public comment.

West College Avenue Streetscape Sidewalk Project: A final inspection was conducted on Septeber 6th. Outstanding items for the Township’s contractor, M and B Services, LLC include a missing section of concrete on the north side near the intersection with Corl Street, bumper blocks at the MinitMart, construction of new concrete steps at Dr. Corneal’s office, new timber landing and steps and railing at Mr. Farrell’s house, seed germination. One gate at United Rentals swings out over the new sidewalk and this issue is under discussion for resolution (meaning who pays for it).
Stormwater Fee Feasibility Study: An advisory committee is established and meets for the first time on Septmeber 27th.
Contract 2016-C11 ARLE Performance Metrics: This 2017 project, funded by the Automated Red Light Enforcement program, includes the engineering and construction of a system including hardware and software to improve traffic signal performance.

Contract 2016-C19 Corl Street/W College Ave Traffic Signal Upgrade: Funded in part with a Green Light Go grant, this project is currently in design to upgrade pedestrian accommodations at this location. Construction is planned for 2018.

Contract 2017-C2 Valley Vista/Science Park and Bachman/Valley Vista turn lanes: Work is substantially complete. Staff is reviewing options to drain the small BMPs designed to infiltrate and standing with water.
Contract 2017-C5 Meadows Park Improvements: Work includes the construction of a pavilion and pedestrian access. Work was awarded to Ameron. Work is planned for this fall.

Contract 2017-C10 Sealcoating bikepaths and parking lots: Work is complete.
Contract 2017-C11 Pedestrian push button upgrades: As in years past, the Township continues to upgrade pedestrian access at signalized intersections. Work is done by FTPW.

Contract 2017-C12 Traffic Signal LED replacements: Done.

Contract 2017-C17 Louis E. Silvi Baseball Field Improvements: Utilizing DCNR funding, improvements to the complex include construction of paved ADA parking and path, a concrete pad under the pavilion, sidewalk, removal of existing building(s), and installation of stormwater facilities in the fall or in 2018.

Contract 2017-C18 Haymarket Park Playground Improvements: Work includes the replacement of an existing play structure. Staff prepares a contract for work by a certified playground installer.This work is now planned for 2018.

Contract 2017-C20 Tudek Dog Park Improvements: This project includes a new parking lot for the dog park with ADA parking and connecting sidewalk, landscaping, and a monument sign. Work is underway by our contractor, H&R Excavating, Inc.    

Contract 2017-C21 Tudek Park Waterline: This project includes the design and construction of a new water service to the butterfly garden. Quotes were requested. A purchase order was issued to Ameron Construction for this work. Work is to be completed by the end of October.

Contract 2017-P3 Tudek Park Restroom: Done.
Contract 2017- C22 Meckley Road Paving: Done.

Contract 2017-C25 Park Drinking Fountain Upgrade Program: Work includes replacing a water fountain in Park Hills playground. A purchase order was written to Allegheny Contracting to perform the work this fall.

Contract 2017-C26 Sidewalk Repairs: Inspections are complete and repair notices have been mailed. Each year FTPW staff inspects a portion of the sidewalks (approximately ¼) in the Township right of way. A contract is put out to bid and awarded to a contractor to repair those sidewalks not repaired by residents.

Contract 2017-P2 Stormpipe Video Assessment: Each year staff puts out a contract to video and document the condition of storm pipes in advance of capital projects to determine replacement and maintenance needs.

East Park Hills Avenue Traffic Calming Study: Staff is preparing for another public meeting to discuss a new option for traffic calming including speed humps, line striping, and one traffic circle.

Arborist and Ferguson Township Tree Commission: The next meeting is September 18.

Maintenance Section: Work for the next 2 weeks includes: inlet repairs, roadside mowing, street sweeping, topsoil and seed repairs, crack sealing, removal of playground equipment off Clinton Avenue near the bikepath, sign maintenance, miscellaneous work orders and equipment maintenance.