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Current Public Works Projects

Public Works Director’s Report to the Board of Supervisors
for the Regular Meeting on August 6, 2018

FTPW 5-Year Capital Improvement Plan – A field view of road projects planned in the Capital Improvement Plan was conducted on July 31.

LEED Gold Public Works Building: A contract supplement must be issued prior to the architect re-starting work on this project.

Stormwater Fee Feasibility Study: Staff was asked to provide an update on this initiative to the CBICC on August 2. Staff to prepare a RFP for phase 2 of the project.

Arborist and Ferguson Township Tree Commission: The Tree Commission conducted a field view of potential tree removals on July 23. A work session with the FTTC and BOS is planned for September 11 to discuss furtherance of a tree preservation ordinance in the urbanized area, including a survey of existing tree canopy, and establishing a tree canopy goal.

Maintenance Section: Planned maintenance work for the period August 1st through August 10 includes preparation of bikepaths for sealcoating, installation of a water fountain in a park, roadside mowing, street sweeping. Brush and leaf collection started on August 6. Ongoing work includes completion of various work orders, sign repairs, and equipment maintenance. 

Capital Projects Managed by the Engineering Section and planned for design and/or
construction in 2018 include the following and total approximately 6 million dollars

Contract 2016-C19    Corl Street Signal Upgrades - Funded in part with a Green Light Go (GLG) grant, construction has not started and PennDOT nor the contractor have provided a start date.

Contract 2017-C17    Silvi Field Parking - Improvements to the complex, utilizing DCNR funding, include construction of a permeable paved driveway and ADA parking and path, an ADA accessible concrete pad under the pavilion, sidewalk, removal of existing sheds, and possibly an ADA accessible water fountain. The project is planned to be bid in the summer for construction in the fall.

Contract 2018-C1    Sycamore - Chestnut - W. Gatesburg - Tadpole - Pine Hall – Myrtle -- Work is in progress by HRI. Drainage work on Sycamore Drive is complete. All cold in place roadway recycling is complete. Cross slope issues need to be resolved on Sycamore Drive. Paving other than Sycamore Drive and Chestnut Street is planned to start around August 8, subject to adequate moisture content of the recycled base and decent weather.

Contract 2018-C2    Owens Drive and Myrtle Avenue Street Improvements - The work is complete.

Contract 2018-C4    West Blade Rd Turnaround – 2018 work includes survey, design, right of way acquisition for a turn around.

Contract 2018-C5    Chestnut Ridge Pipe Lining & Road CMP lining – A contract will be let in 2018 to line sections of deteriorated corrugated metal storm pipe (CMP) based on a video inspection performed in 2017. Bid letting is planned for late summer of 2018.

Contract 2018-C6    Curb and Ramp Upgrades - Work is complete except punch list items by our contractor, M&B Construction.

Contract 2018-C9    Microsurfacing - This contract was awarded to Asphalt Paving Systems for work in July and August.

Contract 2018-C10    Sealcoating - Paths and Lots - TA preconstruction meeting was held on July 25. Work by our contractor, Unico Sealcoating is planned to start August 13 and last one week.

Contract 2018-C15    Street Tree Pruning - Each year a contract for street tree pruning is prepared. Work begins no sooner than mid-November and usually carries over into the following year.. Oaks should only be pruned in the winter months.

19. Contract 2018-C19 Transportation Mobility Study - Work includes a Transportation Mobility Study for the corridors of North Atherton Street from Aaron Drive to Cherry Lane, Martin Street from Aaron Drive to Cherry Lane, Blue Course Drive from Circleville Road to North Atherton Street, and Clinton Avenue from North Atherton Street to Curtin Street.  The objective of the study is to evaluate the overall mobility in the corridors for all modes of transportation and develop recommendations to make the mobility safer and more efficient. Proposals were solicited to a number and firms. The Township received proposals from SSE, McCormick Taylor, and Trans Associates.A team ranked the proposals. Discussions with the number one ranked consultant are ongoing to clarify and refine the scope of work. Staff will provide a recommendation to the Board of Supervisors for action.