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Current Public Works Projects

Public Works Director’s Report to the Board of Supervisors
for the Regular Meeting on July 17, 2017

  1. Roads in 2018 – 2022 Capital Improvement Plan – Staff and Board members conducted a road tour on July 11th to review roads proposed for improvement.
  2. Oak Wilt – Mitigation is underway. Purchase orders were issued to Bartlett Tree Experts for tree removal and disposal, stump grinding, trenching, and root flare injections of surrounding trees.
  3. LEED Gold Public Works Building: A LEED charrette is planned for July 26th. Staff requests attendance by Peter Buckland.
  4. Pollutant Reduction Plan [Chesapeake Bay and impaired waterways (Slab Cabin Run)]: MS4 partner engineers met with our consultant, NTM, to continue working on BMP selection and discuss potential cost sharing between partners on various projects such as the channel stabilization of Thompson Run upstream of the Duck Pond. Once the final report is received from NTM, a presentation will be provided to the Board.
  5. West College Avenue Streetscape Sidewalk Project: Work by the Township’s contractor, M and B Services, LLC continues. Sidewalk is being installed on the north side of W College Ave near N Butz Street. A number of change orders have been issued to cover increases in quantity and unexpected conditions. Work is within the grant amount for construction.
  6. Stormwater Fee Feasibility Study – Awaiting kick off meeting with Amec Foster Wheeler.
  7. Contract 2016-C11 ARLE Performance Metrics: This 2017 project, funded by the Automated Red Light Enforcement program, includes the engineering and construction of a system including hardware and software to improve traffic signal performance.
  8. Contract 2016-C17 Fairbrook Park Parking Lot Paving: GOH started paving. Work to be completed includes the final wearing course and bumper blocks. Staff plans to plant trees in the spring of 2018.
  9. Contract 2016-C19 Corl Street/W College Ave Traffic Signal Upgrade: Funded in part with a Green Light Go grant, this project is currently in design to upgrade pedestrian accommodations at this location. Construction is planned for 2018.
  10. Contract 2017-C2 Valley Vista/Science Park and Bachman/Valley Vista turn lanes: This contract was awarded to GOH and is under construction. Work is expected to continue through early August.
  11. Contract 2017-C3 Martin Street: The paving contract was awarded to GOH and paving is planned for mid-July. Pipe lining is planned for July 24th and traffic impacts should be minimal since the road does not need to be excavated to do the pipe lining.
  12. Contract 2017-C5 Meadows Park Improvements: Work includes the construction of a pavilion and pedestrian access. See separate award memorandum.
  13. Contract 2017-C9 Microsurfacing: This contract was awarded to APS. Work is expected to take place in July and August. Affected residents will be sent notices in advance by the Township. In addition, the contractor installs no parking signs and places door hangers to notify residents of upcoming work.
  14. Contract 2017-C10 Sealcoating bikepaths and parking lots: Every year the Township evaluates bikepath and parking lot conditions and prepares a contract and lets bids for a double sealcoat application and line striping. Awaiting return of a signed agreement and bonds prior to setting up a pre-construction meeting.
  15. Contract 2017-C11 Pedestrian Push Button Upgrades: As in years past, the Township continues to upgrade pedestrian access at signalized intersections. Work is done by FTPW.
  16. Contract 2017-C12 Traffic Signal LED replacements: Each year the Township purchases LEDs and replaces them at signalized intersections after approximately 7 years of service. Work is performed by FTPW.
  17. Contract 2017-C16 Oak Wilt Treatment: See above narrative. Additional oak wilt abatement is expected under this contract.
  18. Contract 2017-C17 Lois Silvi Baseball Field Improvements: Utilizing DCNR funding, improvements to the complex include construction of paved ADA parking and path, a concrete pad under the pavilion, sidewalk, removal of existing building(s), and installation of stormwater facilities in the fall or in 2018.
  19. Contract 2017-C18 Haymarket Park Playground Improvements: Work includes the replacement of an existing play structure. Staff prepares a contract for work by a certified playground installer.
  20. Contract 2017-C19 Fairbrook Park Baseball Backstop: A new backstop is planned for 2017.
  21. Contract 2017-C20 Tudek Dog Park Improvements: Staff has been tasked with the design of a new parking lot for the dog park with ADA parking and connecting sidewalk, landscaping, stormwater facilities, and a monument sign. The project is to be constructed in 2017.
  22. Contract 2017-C21 Tudek Park waterline: This project includes the design and construction of a new water service to the butterfly garden. Quotes were requested. A purchase order will be issued to Ameron Construction for this work.
  23. Contract 2017-P3 Tudek Park Restroom: This work includes installing a water fountain and pressure pump inside the restroom at Tudek Park. A purchase order was issued to Allied Mechanical.
  24. Contract 2017- C22 Meckley Road Paving: This project was awarded to New Enterprise Stone and Lime. Paving is planned for August. FTPW is currently replacing a cross pipe and performing base repair.
  25. Contract 2017-C25 Park Drinking Fountain Upgrade Program: Staff designed and is receiving and reviewing quotes to replace the drinking fountain in Park Hills playground.
  26. Contract 2017-C26 Sidewalk Repairs: Inspections are complete and repair notices have been mailed. Each year FTPW staff inspects a portion of the sidewalks (approximately ¼) in the Township right of way. A contract is put out to bid and awarded to a contractor to repair those sidewalks not repaired by residents.
  27. Contract 2017-P2 Stormpipe Video Assessment: Each year staff puts out a contract to video and document the condition of storm pipes in advance of capital projects to determine replacement and maintenance needs.
  28. East Park Hills Avenue Traffic Calming Study – Staff continues to evaluate the feasibility of options (in addition to the those identified in the initial study) including speed humps and the feasibility of small traffic circles.
  29. Arborist and Ferguson Township Tree Commission: The next meeting is July 17, at which time the FTTC will tour the Township viewing potential tree removal sites.
  30. Maintenance Section: Work includes road side mowing, finalization of base repair on Meckley Road, start of base repair on Tadpole Road, various work orders including sign installations, and equipment and vehicle maintenance.