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Current Public Works Projects

Public Works Director’s Report to the Board of Supervisors
for the Regular Meeting on October 2, 2018

Transportation Mobility Study – A public meeting/open house is scheduled for Wednesday, October 3rd at 7:00pm at the Radio Park Elementary School. The study is focused on identifying improvements for walking, biking, driving, and using transit in the areas of N. Atherton St., Martin St., Blue Course Dr., Cherry Ln., Clinton Ave., and Aaron Dr. Interested persons can also provide comments by completing a survey 

LEED Gold Public Works Building: Awaiting design work to resume.

Stormwater Fee Feasibility Study: Staff to prepare an RFP for phase 2 of the project.

Arborist and Ferguson Township Tree Commission: A public hearing on proposed tree removals is scheduled for 6:30 pm Monday, October 15.

Operating Budget: The Public Works Director and staff are preparing 2018 year end budget projections and estimates and requests for the 2019 operating budget.

Maintenance Section: Planned maintenance work through October 12 includes crack sealing, sign repairs, roadside ditching on Tadpole Road and Ernest Lane, street sweeping, roadside mowing, advertised brush and leaf collection, various work orders, equipment maintenance. Road workers attended training and an APWA equipment symposium on Sept. 20 and electrical hazard training on Sept. 21. PennPrime provided a grant for the safety training.

Engineering Section: The Assistant Township Engineer is working on the design of 2019 road capital projects with support from GIS staff.

Capital Projects Managed by the Engineering Section and planned for design and/or
construction in 2018 include the following and total approximately 6 million dollars

Contract 2016-C19    Corl Street Signal Upgrades - Funded in part with a Green Light Go (GLG) grant, construction has started. The vendor of the Township standard light pole and fixture would not provide engineered shop drawings for the pole (as required by PennDOT for this project). As a result, to provide intersection lighting with ornamental lights, it was necessary for staff to provide the contractor with at least 2 names of suppliers (that would provide engineered shop drawings) of comparable poles and fixtures. The contractor has indicated there will be an additional cost if we use poles and fixtures from other than the original specified pole and fixture. The contractor is preparing a cost justification (using PennDOT format) for consideration by the Township. 

Contract 2017-C17    Silvi Field Parking - Bids were opened on Sept 25th. Improvements to the complex, (utilizing DCNR matching funds), include excavation, placement of bituminous asphalt pavement over existing aggregate, provisions for ADA accessibility throughout the project area, concrete pad under existing pavilion, pavement line markings, post mounted signs, grading, installation of ADA accessible water fountain, bleachers, stone backup around site and associated work. See separate recommendation for award memo.

Contract 2018-C1    Sycamore - Chestnut - W. Gatesburg - Tadpole - Pine Hall – Myrtle -- Paving is complete. Final work includes driveway adjustments, topsoil backup, and punch list items.

Contract 2018-C4    West Blade Rd Turnaround – Design of a turn-around is in progress.

Contract 2018-C5    Chestnut Ridge Pipe Lining & Road CMP lining – Design is underway to let a pipe lining contract in the fall of 2018 to line sections of deteriorated corrugated metal storm pipe (CMP) based on a visual and a video inspection performed in 2017.

Contract 2018-C15 Street Tree Pruning - Each year a contract for street tree pruning is prepared. Trees to be pruned have been selected by the arborist based on a field condition survey and geographic area. Work begins no sooner than mid-November and usually carries over into the following year. Oaks should only be pruned in the winter months.

Contract 2018-C17 Vehicle Detection Upgrades (Radar) – A contract was awarded to Tel-Power to install radar detection at 4 intersections including: 1) Whitehall Road and Research Drive 2) College Ave. and Whitehall Road, 3) College Ave. and Bristol Ave., and 4) Blue Course Drive and Pine Hall Road.  Work started and should be completed this fall.  

Contract 2018-C22 Tudek Barn Roof Replacement – Staff will get quotes to replace the roof, gutter and downspouts.

Contract 2018-C28 Winter Maintenance – Bids were opened on September 25. Contract winter maintenance is performed on the following roads in the TTD: Old Gatesburg Road, Ginger Way, Gates Court, Dornoch Street, Havershire Boulevard, Prestwick Boulevard, Northwick Boulevard, Rushcliffe Street, Southwick Blvd, and Street “K” totaling approximately 1.9 miles.