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Current Public Works Projects

Public Works Director’s Report to the Board of Supervisors
for the Regular Meeting on April 15, 2019


SR26/SR45 Shingletown Road Intersection Update: PennDOT staff and their consultant spent time re-evaluating the design and construction of a single lane roundabout with bypass lanes at this location. They considered the land topography and roundabout placement, bypass configuration, environmental factors, driveway access, right of way impacts, safety, and cost. Based on their re-evaluation and benefit cost ratio comparisons, PennDOT staff concludes the best option is to continue with the realigned signalized intersection.

Transportation Mobility StudyA working group meeting is planned for April 12, 2019 to review comments from the public meeting (open house) held on March 11, 2018 and focus on suggested improvements and associated costs for walking, biking, driving, and using transit in the areas of N. Atherton St., Martin St., Blue Course Dr., Cherry Ln., Clinton Ave., and Aaron Dr. A presentation to the Board of Supervisors to include a summary of the study, suggested improvements and associated estimated costs is planned for a regular meeting of the Board of Supervisors in May.

Proposed Public Works Maintenance Facility– The land development plan submission by Keller Engineering is under review by staff and the Planning Commission and should be presented to the Board of Supervisors in May.

Stormwater Fee Feasibility Study: The Township entered into a contract with Wood to complete phase 2 of this study. The first meeting of the Stormwater Advisory Committee was held April 10, 2019

Arborist and Ferguson Township Tree Commission: The next FTTC meeting was planned for April 15, 2019.  Dr. Elmendorf will be present to participate in a discussion about a potential tree preservation ordinance. Staff will update the FTTC and discuss steps necessary to conduct a tree canopy survey. Tree planting by Greene Landscaping in various neighborhoods will start in April. The arborist has been involved in providing information to the Ferguson Township Park and Recreation Committee regarding suggestions for plantings in various parks.

Maintenance Section: Work includes sod damage from plowing operations, continued brush collection, crack sealing, PA One Call training, vehicle maintenance and completion of work orders.

Engineering Section: Engineering staff completed the design of 2019 road capital projects with support from GIS staff and is working on remaining 2019 contracts and conducting inspections.

Contract 2017-C1 Kansa Avenue: This contract was awarded to Mid State paving. Work could start as soon as the third week in April.

Contract 2018-C5 Chestnut Ridge Pipe Lining: This contract work is complete.

Contract 2018-C20 Park Hills Drainageway Design: This project team led by NTM is designing “naturalistic” improvements to this eroded drainageway being sensitive to the mature tree canopy, nearby residents, DEP requirements for working in a “stream”, and utility and right of way concerns. Design work will proceed through 2019 and generate more accurate estimates of projected construction costs.

Contract 2019-C1 Street Improvement Projects (North)This contract was awarded to Glenn O Hawbaker and includes work on Appletree Circle, Avebury Circle, Dogwood Circle, Park Lane, and Princeton Drive. Work is planned to start in May.

Contract 2019-C2 Street Improvement Projects (West): This project includes paving and improvements to West Blade (turn around), Brooklawn Drive, Goddard Circle, Timothy Lane cul-de-sac, and a portion of Tadpole Road.overlay under contract 2019-C2.

Contract 2019-C6 Curb Ramp UpgradesThis work was awarded to Wolyniec Construction.

Contract 2019-C7a FuelThis contract was awarded to Nittany Fuel.

Contract 2019-C7c Asphalt and Aggregate: This contract is currently out to bid with a bid opening on April 9, 2019. See separate award recommendation memorandum.

Contract 2019-C8 Pavement Marking Contract: This work was awarded to Alpha Space Control and will be performed this summer. Other municipalities piggyback on this contract. Work will commence in May and they will return in the fall after road projects are completed to finish the contract.

Contract 2019-C9 Microsurfacing: This contract is in design for a planned bid advertisement in mid-April. Other municipalities piggyback on this contract. Microsurfacing in Ferguson Township is planned for the following streets in 2019 (see grid at right)

Contract 2019-C10 Sealcoating Bikepaths and Parking Lots: This contract is in design to be bid in March. One municipality is piggybacking on this contract this year.

Contract 2019-C11 Sidewalk Repairs: A contract will be let to repair sidewalks that were not repaired after residents received notice to repair their sidewalks. This contract is let annually. 

Contract 2019-C12 LED Signal Modules: Each year the Township receives material quotes from vendors to replace traffic signal LED modules (lights). A purchase order was issued to General Highway. Work will be performed this summer by FTPW.

Contract 2019-C13 Street Tree Planting: This work was awarded to Greene’s Landscaping and should start in April.

Ruschcliffe Street: A field view is planned for April 9, 2019 to follow up on street parking concerns.

2019 Project List