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Current Public Works Projects

Public Works Director’s Report to the Board of Supervisors
for the Regular Meeting on April 2, 2018

LEED Gold Public Works Building: Design is 60 percent complete. Staff is reviewing the architect’s preliminary construction cost estimate. A progress meeting is planned for March 13. The architect’s estimate is over budget. Staff reviewed the architect’s preliminary construction cost estimate and suggested cost saving measures for consideration. Design is on hold pending value engineering review by the architect team.

Stormwater Fee Feasibility Study: The 6th meeting of the Stormwater Advisory Committee was held on March 21st. Their next meeting is scheduled for April 18th at noon. Meetings are open to the public, but discussion is limited to the committee. A public meeting including a presentation followed by questions and answers was held on March 21st. There were approximately 12 people in the audience and the event was recorded by CNET. The next public meeting is planned for April 18th at 4:30pm following a similar format as the first meeting

Arborist and Ferguson Township Tree Commission: The next tree commission meeting is April 16 at 5:30pm.

Maintenance Section: Work activities planned for the first week in April include brush collection, leaf collection, and street sweeping. Street sweeping and crack sealing are planned for the second week.


Capital Projects Managed by the Engineering Section and planned for design and/or
construction in 2018 include the following and total approximately 6 million dollars

Contract 2016-C11    ARLE - Performance Metrics - Funded by the Automated Red Light Enforcement program, includes the engineering and construction of a system including hardware and software to improve traffic signal performance. In-house design has been delayed while evaluating the best method of communication from the controllers to the server. This project is to be bid in July.

Contract 2016-C19    Corl Street Signal Upgrades - Funded in part with a Green Light Go (GLG) grant, this project is currently in design to upgrade pedestrian accommodations at this location. The project is expected to be bid by PennDOT in March.

Contract 2017-C17    Silvi Field Parking - Improvements to the complex, utilizing DCNR funding, include construction of a permeable paved driveway and ADA parking and path, an ADA accessible concrete pad under the pavilion, sidewalk, removal of existing sheds, and possibly an ADA accessible water fountain. The project is planned to be bid in April.

Contract 2017-C18    Haymarket Park Playground Improvements - Site preparatory work was completed by FTPW followed by playground equipment installation by contractor Buzz Burger in March. FTPW will return in April to place playground mulch.

Contract 2017-C20    Tudek Dog Park Parking Improvements - Work is complete except: seeding, mulching, and line painting. 4 trees will be installed by separate contract.

Contract 2018-C1    Sycamore - Chestnut - W. Gatesburg - Tadpole - Pine Hall – Myrtle -- All five road projects are in design and will be let together. Major elements of work include: cold in-place recycling, asphalt wearing course, and drainage and/or shoulder improvements. An open house was held March 5. Bids were opened on March 27.

Contract 2018-C2    Owens Drive and Myrtle Avenue Street Improvements - These projects are will be let together. Work on Owens Drive includes new asphalt pavement, replacing bituminous curb with new concrete curb, and construction of a new turn around/parking area at the terminus near the Owens Drive Park. An open house was held on March 5. Bids were opened on March 27.

Contract 2018-C3    Teaberry Lane Sidewalk – Work includes, survey, design, and construction of a sidewalk from the driveway of Evergeen Townhomes to the bikepath along Blue Course Drive. This project is on hold pending a sidewalk maintenance agreement.

Contract 2018-C4    West Blade Rd Turnaround – 2018 work includes survey, design, right of way acquisition for a turn around.

Contract 2018-C5    Chestnut Ridge Pipe Lining & Road CMP lining – A contract will be let in 2018 to line sections of deteriorated corrugated metal storm pipe (CMP) based on a video inspection performed in 2017. Bid letting is planned for July 2018.

Contract 2018-C5a    Camera Storm Pipes – Annually sections of the storm pipe system are inspected using video equipment in advance of planned repairs or replacement and as needed to inspect and clean pipe segments. Work will be performed as needed throughout the year.

Contract 2018-C6    Curb and Ramp Upgrades - As required by the American with Disabilities Act, as roads are paved and microsurfaced, pedestrian facilities at intersections are evaluated and upgraded or reconstructed as required. This contract is out to bid for an opening on April 10 and consideration for award by BOS on April 16.

Contract 2018-C7a    Fuel Contract - Bids will be opened on March 27.

Contract 2017-C7b    Street Signs and Supplies – Quotes or bids are obtained as needed every year.

Contract 2018-C7c    Asphalt and Aggregate Contract - This contract is out to bid for an opening on April 10.

Contract 2018-C8    Pavement Markings - The contract was awarded to Alpha Space Control. Work will proceed throughout the summer and be managed as it has in past years..

Contract 2018-C9    Microsurfacing - This method of pavement preservation involving the placement of two courses of slurry and aggregate is bid annually and other municipalities piggyback on this contract. The bid will be advertised in April.

Contract 2018-C10    Sealcoating - Paths and Lots - Every year staff evaluates bikepath, parking lot, and basketball court conditions and prepares a contract for a double sealcoat application and line striping. The job will be advertised for bidding in April.

Contract 2018-C11    Pedestrian Push Button Upgrades - As in years past, the Township continues to upgrade pedestrian access at signalized intersections. Quotes are obtained by the Township Engineer for equipment and installation is done by a Road Foreman.

Contract 2018-C12    Traffic Signal LED Replacements - Each year the Township Engineer obtains quotes and purchases LEDs, which are replaced at signalized intersections after approximately 7 years of service. Work is performed by FTPW.

Contract 2018-C13    Street Trees – This bid was awarded to Green Landscaping.

Contract 2018-C14    Stump Removal - This work was performed in house by FTPW.

Contract 2018-C15    Street Tree Pruning - Each year, a contract for street tree pruning is prepared. Work begins no sooner than mid-November and usually carries over into the following year. Oaks should only be pruned in the winter months.

Contract 2018-C16    Tree TreatmentI In accordance with 3 agreements with HOAs, certain ash street trees will be treated in 2018.

Contract 2018-C17    Vehicle Detection Upgrade (GLG-3) – Utilizing Green Light Go (GLG) grant funding from round 3, vehicle detection at certain intersections will be upgraded from either loop sensors or video detection to more reliable radar detection.

Contract 2018-C19    Transit Study Blue Course & N. Atherton – Staff will solicit an RFP for consultant professional services to evaluate pedestrian, bicycle, and other modes of travel in and around the intersection of Blue Course Drive and North Atherton Street.

Contract 2018-C20    Park Hills Drainage - Phase 1 Design – Engineering staff will manage the survey and design of channel improvements to Park Hills Drainageway.

Contract 2018-C21    Playground Safety & Upgrade Program – Staff will prepare a contract or obtain quotes to upgrade certain playground equipment identified as deficient.

Contract 2018-C22    Tudek Barn Roof/Doors Replacement Obtain quotes or prepare a contract to repair the barn roof and doors at the Tudek farm barn.

Contract 2018-C23    Guide Rail Repairs – Obtain quotes or prepare a contract to repair guide rail as needed with capital road projects or to make repairs.

Contract 2018-C25    Sidewalk Repairs – Each year the Engineering staff inspects a portion of the sidewalks in the Township and sends notices to property owners to make repairs as needed. In the event repairs are not made, the Township will contract the work and bill the property owner.

Contract 2018-C26    Old Gatesburg/Science Park Left Turn Phases – Work includes the design, permitting, contracting, and installation of improvements for a left turn phase at Old Gatesburg Road and Science Park Road.