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Current Public Works Projects

Public Works Director’s Report to the Board of Supervisors
for the Regular Meeting on August 19, 2019

Traffic Calming Study Requests—Traffic calming studies were requested for Hawknest Road, Park Center Boulevard, and a portion of West Aaron Drive predominately due to concerns for speeding. Speed data was collected with automatic traffic recording (ATR) devices. Based on the data collected, none of the roads qualify for further study (see attached letters notifying the petitioners).

Renovations to Township Administration Building—Plumbing bids were opened on Tuesday, August 13th. See separate contract award recommendation memorandums for all building trade contracts. Subject to award, building renovation work will start this fall.

Proposed Public Works Maintenance Facility—The project is currently out to bid. Interested bidders should contact the project architect with Greenfield Architects. Bids will be opened on October 1, 2019. Subject to satisfactory bids, a recommendation for award will be made in 2019 for a planned start of construction in March 2020.

Stormwater Fee Study Phase 2—The fifth meeting of the Stormwater Advisory Committee took place on August 7, 2019. The main topic discussed included recommendations for a policy on the level of stormwater service provided to areas of the Township and the associated fee for a base level of service (eg rural area) and a higher level of service (eg urban area). The group also discussed the merits of a fee structure for land owners that operate their own MS4 permit (eg PSU). Presentation material can be viewed by visiting the Township web page.

Arborist and Ferguson Township Tree Commission—The next FTTC meeting is August 19, 2019. Discussion topics may include a review of the 2019 tree removals and 2020 plantings, and work on a tree preservation ordinance.

Maintenance Section—Work activities for the 2-week period starting August 11 include: work orders, inlet repairs, roadside mowing, paving paths in Greenbriar Park and Homestead Park, and installing trail surface aggregate on a section of path in Fairbrook Park, street sign replacments on this year’s CIP road projects, street sweeping, vehicle and fleet maintenance.

Engineering Section—Engineering staff continue to work on land development plan reviews, administer the MS4 program including conducting stormwater inspections, administer the 2019 construction contracts and conducting capital project inspections. There is one GIS technician vacancy. The GIS technician continues work on developing the impervious layer and storm pipe layer for the stormwater fee study and supporting the needs of all departments. Staff is evaluating work order systems and asset management systems.

Contract 2018-C20 Park Hills Drainageway DesignThis project is currently in design. Funding and project scope discussions with the BOS are ongoing as part of the 2020 – 2024 CIP.

Contract 2019-C1 Street Improvement Projects (North)—Work is substantially complete.

Contract 2019-C2 Street Improvement Projects (West)Work is substantially complete.

Contract 2019-C5 Pipe Video Assessment—A request for quotes is being prepared for pipe video and assessment for the Chestnut Ridge neighborhood that was not already done, and pipes in advance of next year’s paving projects.

Contract 2019-C8 Pavement Marking—This work was awarded to Alpha Space Control and work planned for this spring/summer is complete. Other municipalities piggyback on this contract. The contractor will return at the end of August or beginning of September (after microsurfacing road projects are completed) to finish the contract. The intersection restriping at Bristol and West College Avenue was completed.

Contract 2019-C9 Microsurfacing—This work was awarded to Asphalt Paving Systems. Work is in progress and will be complete by August 23rd. The following streets are being microsurfaced this year: (see grid at right)

Contract 2019-C10 Sealcoating Bikepaths and Parking Lots—This work is complete.

Contract 2019-C11 Sidewalk Repairs—Bids for this project were opened on June 11, 2019. Notices to repair sidewalks will be mailed to property owners this week. Residents that receive a repair notice will also be provided our contract unit prices to repair the sidewalk and asked to inform us if they choose to repair the sidewalks themselves. Property owners are billed for the cost to repair sidewalks.

Contract 2019-C20 Science Park Road and Sandy Drive (north)—Traffic Signal Design and Permitting: Data will be collected in the fall after Step by Step Day Care is open. Once data is collected, a signal warrant study will be conducted and sent to PennDOT for approval to install a traffic signal. A draft scope of work for the warrant study methodology was sent to the PennDOT District 2-0 Traffic Engineer for concurrence prior to starting the study.

Contract 2019-C27 Radar Detection—One bid was received and opened on July 30th. Reference separate award recommendation memo. Utilizing Green Light Go grant round 4 funds, work includes installing radar detection at the following 3 intersections: Blue Course Drive/Havershire Bouldvard, Blue Course Drive/Westerly Parkway, West College
Avenue/Scuence Park Road. The scope may be reduced to keep contracted work within the budget.