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Current Public Works Projects

Public Works Director’s Report to the Board of Supervisors
for the Regular Meeting on November 20, 2017

Traffic Calming for Park Hills Avenue: On November 14, staff presented an additional option for consideration by the neighborhood study area including speed humps, one traffic circle, line striping, legends, and signage. 45 people attended the meeting, as opposed to more than 100 people who attended the January meeting. This option received overwhelming favor over the previous options. The next step is to petition the residents in the study area for their vote on the proposed traffic calming plan.

LEED Gold Public Works Building: Staff met with the architect/engineer team on November 16 to discuss photovoltaic and energy consumption and HVAC issues. A geophysical survey of our site was completed November 16.
Pollutant Reduction Plan [Chesapeake Bay and impaired waterways (Slab Cabin Run)]: The final report was presented to the public at 6pm on Wednesday, October 25 at the College Township building.

West College Avenue Streetscape Sidewalk Project: M and B Services, LLC needs to finish construction of new concrete steps at Dr. Corneal’s office and at Mr. Farrell’s house.

Stormwater Fee Feasibility Study: Work continues. The third meeting of the stormwater advisory committee (SAC) is at noon on December 6. The meeting is open to the public, however, this is a working advisory group and not the forum for public comment. Public comment will be taken at future publicized meetings specifically for that purpose. At the second meeting on November 1, the committee reviewed GIS data, MS4 permitting, level of service of existing stormwater related activities, and reviewed gaps and needed changes in service. This discussion will continue at the December meeting. All documents provided to the SAC are available on the Township web page.
Contract 2017-C5 Meadows Park Improvements: Work is complete on a new pavillion.
Contract 2017-C20 Tudek Dog Park Improvements: Work is complete on the Tudek Dog Park Improvements project. All trees in the contract have been installed except the four (4) black gum trees removed from the contract because the Contractor could not acquire trees at the time of planting. The Township will add these to our street tree-planting schedule for 2018 as discussed.
When the cap for the park sign was initially delivered, it was manufactured incorrectly and the cap was rejected. The new cap was received yesterday and was installed on November 16. The sign frame will also be built but will need to be removed after fitting the frame boarder so boards can be stained/painted to match Township sign detail. The Township would anticipate the sign being finished by Friday, November 17 or early next week, but the Contractor will need to provide a precise completion date.

Arborist and Ferguson Township Tree Commission: The tree commission met on November 13 and will meet again in January.

Maintenance Section: Major work activities for the two weeks starting November 20 include leaf collection, preparation for winter operations and miscellaneous work orders and equipment maintenance. During the week of November 15, FTPW assisted the US Fish and Wildlife and the Trust for Tomorrow with relocation of a tributary to Beaver Branch on the Campbell farm north of houses parallel to Kansa Avenue.