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Commuter Information

Ferguson Township and Centre Region residents have a variety of options for your daily commute. Each day, thousands of people travel to and from work by car, foot, bicycle, bus, vanpool, and almost any other mode of transportation you can think of. These commutes are made possible by a well-maintained and intricate network of roadways, bikeways, and multi-use paths that link the neighborhoods and residences of the Township with the business centers.

Centre Area Transportation Authority (CATA)

CATA's Mission - "Centre Area Transportation Authority (CATA) is a Joint Municipal Authority serving the six Centre Region municipalities, Bellefonte Borough, Spring Township, and Benner Township. Our mission is to deliver safe, reliable, accessible, and affordable transportation, provided in a courteous and environmentally, fiscally, and socially responsible manner."

CATABUS, CATACOMMUTE, and CATARIDE provide residents of Ferguson Township with direct and easy access to quality, affordable public transit. View the CATABUS Community Service System Map to find the bus stop nearest you. For more information about CATA's services, visit its website.  

Bicycle Friendly Community

The Centre Region is recognized as a Bicycle Friendly Community by the League of American Bicyclists. This designation was achieved through a regional effort to improve the quantity and quality of multi-use paths that allow residents, students, and visitors of all ages and ability levels to experience the community on a bicycle. Learn more about Bicycling in the Centre Region

The Centre Region Council of Governments (COG) General Forum adopted the Centre Region Bike Plan and Executive Summary at its regular meeting on December 15, 2015.

Share the Path - In 2013, the municipalities of the Centre Region launched the "Share the Path" campaign to educate the users of the shared paths about safety and legal requirements. These include wearing a helmet under the age of 12, providing an audible signal when passing, yielding to pedestrians, and more. Look for "Share the Path" signs as you travel the paths around the Region.

Additional Resources

Please visit the links below to learn more about commuting in the Centre Region.

Centre Region Bicycle Coalition - The CRBC represents a variety of cycling interests in the State College Area. Representatives of the CRBC work closely with regional officials on initiatives targeted at improving the quality of cycling in the Centre Region and surrounding area.

Centre Region Metropolitan Planning Organization (CCMPO) - The CCMPO was formed in response to federal regulations requiring local and state officials to work cooperatively to maintain a continuous long-range transportation planning program.

University Park Airport - University Park Airport provides several options for direct and connecting flights. The airport is located in close proximity to Penn State University and the surrounding Centre Region. Direct flights offered currently include Chicago, Detroit, Atlanta, Philadelphia, and Washington, D.C.