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COG Public Meeting Guidelines

The Centre Region Council of Governments (COG), of which Ferguson Township is a member, is committed to an environment in which all individuals are treated with respect and dignity. Each individual has the right to participate in public meetings where a professional atmosphere promotes equal opportunities to be heard and to participate in the decision making process. 

The meeting is to be handled efficiently so that the time citizens invest at meetings is well spent and concludes within a reasonable length of time.  Please respect the Chair's role in facilitating the expeditious conduct of business.

The COG General Forum has adopted resolutions that establish guidelines for etiquette during meetings and public comment periods.  COG has added these documents as well as frequently asked questions to its website

The frequently asked questions include:

What is a public comment period?
How can meeting guidelines help?
How much time do I have to speak?
What kind of comments can be made during the public comment period?
Can I ask questions during the public comment period?
What is the best way to distribute written materials?
When and where are COG's meetings held?

These are provided as a helpful guide. The public will also find instructions on how to add an agenda item, attend or speak at a COG meeting.

Please use this link: