C-NET is Centre County's Government and Education Access Television Network. C-NET administers two
channels: CGTV (Channel 7) and CETV (Channel 98). In addition to the television network, C-NET also
manages CentreConnect.org, providing you with a direct link to government, education, and non-profit information
in Centre County, Pennsylvania.

Thomas Giles serves as the Board of Supervisors' C-NET representative.
His term expires 12/31/2019.

C-NET broadcasts Ferguson Township Board of Supervisors (BOS) and Planning Commission meetings. Meetings are available to watch, free of charge, online at www.cnet1.org

Effective Monday June 4, the airing schedule for Ferguson Township meetings will be as follows:

9 am Wednesday
8 pm Thursday
6 am Friday
12:30 am Saturday

The programs air on Channel 7.

Note: When a meeting takes place outside its usual schedule, it may air the following week instead. These are general guidelines for C-NET scheduling. Schedules are subject to change. Programs are posted within 72 hours and remain available online for approximately one year. DVD copies are available.

View the livestream Board of Supervisors meetings on C-NET's YouTube channel.
You can also view various meetings that have previously streamed to YouTube

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For more information about C-NET, contact its office by email or by calling (814) 238-5031.

View C-NET's Guide to Programming for Ferguson Township

2019 archive of online Board of Supervisors meetings

2019 archive of online  Planning Commission meetings

2018 archive of online Board of Supervisors meetings

2018 archive of online Planning Commission meetings