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Brush and Leaf Collection for Township Residents

Your Public Works crews are helping to make your yard clean-up tasks easier by offering curbside collection of brush and leaves. C-NET's Brush and Leaf Collection video provides guidelines for preparing your brush and leaves for collection. Following these guidelines will help ensure the safety of our crews.

For the most current information about Ferguson Township Brush and Leaf Collection, please call (814) 238-4651. Select Option 4 for BRUSH Collection and Option 5 for LEAF Collection.

View the Department's Brush and Leaf Collection Guidelines: Ornamental Grasses

After Winter Operations, BRUSH Collection resumes the first Monday in April, and thereafter begins
the first Monday of each month. Brush for collection needs to be curbside at 7 am that day. Keep in mind that
it will take approximately a week to complete collection services for each round of brush collection throughout
the Township. 

LEAF Collection. Ferguson Township Public Works resumes curbside leaf collection the first Monday in April, and thereafter begins the first Monday of each month.

If the first Monday of the month is a holiday, brush and leaf collection will begin the following day.

An additional BRUSH collection takes place in the fall and the spring, beginning the third weeks of April and October.

Residents may drop off leaves and brush at the regional recycling facility on North Atherton Street during this period.

Fall 2017 Collection Schedule

Leaf collection continues 

Leaves will be collected six days a week and will continue until the snow flies in December, as long as the weather holds above freezing.

Brush Collection Guidelines

    •    Trees and limbs up to six inches in diameter and 15 feet in length will be collected.

    •    Brush should be visible.  Place along the edge of the roadway or pile behind the curb.

    •    Brush must have all ends facing in one direction. Mixed or twisted piles will not be collected.

    •    Roots, stumps, garden material, and ornamental grasses will not be collected.

    •    Crews should not enter private property to collect brush.

    •    Brush will not be collected from lots being cleared for construction purposes.

    •    Be aware of nearby utility equipment. Please place brush greater than 10 feet away from cable or electric utility boxes that may be located in your front yard near the roadway.

Leaf Collection Guidelines

    •    Leaves should be raked to the curb but not onto the street.

    •    Leaves should be kept in a separate pile from the brush.  Different equipment is used to collect the leaves.

    •    Fence posts, boards and bricks that can damage the collection equipment should not be in the leaf pile.

    •    Do not bag the leaves.

    •    Be aware of nearby utility equipment and structures. Please place all leaf piles a minimum of 10 feet away from utility boxes and mailboxes.

Please view this C-NET video for detailed instructions on preparing your brush and leaves for collection.