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Around the Township

Around the Township features a place, event, or resident that reflects what is best about Ferguson Township.
We invite you to submit story suggestions. Please consult our guidelines below.

Penn State Ag Progress Days

Penn State’s Ag Progress Days—Pennsylvania’s largest outdoor agricultural expo—is the show for everyone who cares about Pennsylvania agriculture: the farmers, the consumers and taxpayers who benefit, and the children whose future depends on it.

The next Ag Progress Days will take place August 13 - 15, 2019 at the Russell E. Larson Agricultural Research Center in Rock Springs. 

2018 Ag Progress Days Photo Gallery

When you go, tour the Pasto Agricultural Museum.

Ferguson Township's Photo Tour of the Pasto Agricultural Museum

Around the Township Story Guidelines
“Around the Township" is a periodic news feature that may appear on our website, in our e-Newsletter, print newsletter, or any other Township communication vehicle.  “Around the Township” news features will focus on a Township event, destination, group, resident or residents that have been deemed noteworthy in some manner. Story topics for “Around the Township” will have provided a contributioneither internal or externalto the Township.  Examples may include a resident or residents who have been recognized for their work or deeds in some capacity; the efforts of a Township-based group; a popular destination located within the Township; or an event happening within the Township.  “Around the Township” news features may also include information about Township personnel, with a focus on service to the Township.  Examples may include Township employees who have distinguished themselves through length and/or depth of service or volunteer efforts.  Topics for “Around the Township” will be selected by Township staff or suggested by Township residents or businesses.