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Accuweather Inc. Parking Expansion

Accuweather Inc. Parking Expansion
385 Science Park Road
State College

Submitted by Sweetland Engineering & Associates, Inc. on behalf of Accuweather, Inc. this plan proposes the development of 79 additional parking spaces, which will make the total amount of parking on the property 285. The required amount of parking by Ordinance is 86 based upon the square footage of the building (21,498 square feet). The proposed parking lot is located entirely on tax parcel 24-004-21R, 385 Science Park Road, State College, PA, 16801 and is zoned Light Industrial/Research and Development (IRD) and Corridor Overlay. Stormwater and E&S plans were also submitted as part of this Land Development Plan.

Light Industrial/Research and Development (IRD)

Current Site Use:
Administrative, Business, and Professional Offices    
The site consists of 6.33 acres and has a 21,498 square foot building with parking. 

Preliminary/Final Land Development Plan_December 8, 2017

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LD4 Grading

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