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2019-C7c Asphalt and Aggregate

2019-C7c Asphalt and Aggregate

The Ferguson Township Board of Supervisors awarded Contract 2019-C7c Asphalt and Aggregate to Hanson Aggregates
for Items 1,2,3,4 in the amount of $9,855.00 and to Glenn O. Hawbaker for Items 5,6,7,8 in the amount of $25,100.00

2019-C7c Asphalt and Aggregate

Hanson Aggregates Items 1,2,3,4 $9,855.00
Glenn O. Hawbaker  Items 5,6,7,8 $25,100.00
HRI Bituminous, $5,885.00

Bids were opened publicly for the aggregate and asphalt contract at 2 PM on Tuesday, April 9, 2019 and read aloud. David Modricker and Logan Struble of Ferguson Township were present.  The contract was advertised in the Centre Daily Times and notice was provided to potential bidders. Two bids were received for aggregate (Hanson and GOH) and two bids were received for asphalt materials (HRI and GOH) as summarized in the PDF below.

Aggregate is bid delivered to the Township at 3147 Research Drive, and asphalt material is bid FOB (freight on board), meaning our trucks drive to the asphalt plant and pick it up. Therefore, the cost of our trucking is factored into the award for asphalt. 

Staff Review and Recommendation: That the Board of Supervisors award items 1, 2, 3, and 4 (aggregate) to Hanson Aggregate in the amount of $9,855.00, and items 5, 6, 7, and 8 (asphalt) to GOH in the amount of $25,100.00 all under Contract 2019-C7c, Aggregate and Asphalt. The budget for this year’s road materials including pipe, concrete, sealants as well as asphalt and aggregate is $45,000.00. Asphalt and Aggregate bids are within the budget. 

Award Memo: 2019-C7c Asphalt and Aggregate

2019-C7c Asphalt and Aggregate Contract Bid Results